Thursday, August 27, 2015

North Korea vs South Korea


1: 2015/08/25(火) 10:27:33.14 
What are they doing

no title

2: 2015/08/25(火) 10:28:13.94
It's North Korea's military exercise

3: 2015/08/25(火) 10:28:14.36
They're making a fuss about whether or not they'll go to war 

6: 2015/08/25(火) 10:28:40.52
Ultimately it won't be anything!

7: 2015/08/25(火) 10:28:47.26
These guys are all talk


8: 2015/08/25(火) 10:29:05.19
Right according to the script

9: 2015/08/25(火) 10:29:09.68
This is professional wrestling
The north is in a famine and doesn't have any food so they're just arguing for argument's sake

11: 2015/08/25(火) 10:29:27.54
Even though the North is firing in missiles the south just gets on their knees?

12: 2015/08/25(火) 10:30:15.93
You guys are just concerned because you were saying that it could get serious
But it didn't turn out to be anything 

The world is at peace after all

13: 2015/08/25(火) 10:30:33.72
There's no reason for them to have a war in reality

14: 2015/08/25(火) 10:30:39.32
North Korea "We're going to have a war? We're going to have a war? Is that alright you guys?" *peaks*

The world "We don't really care"

North Korea "LOLOLOLOLOL!"*
*See note at end of post

no title

16: 2015/08/25(火) 10:31:07.61
They're like Tom and Jerry


17: 2015/08/25(火) 10:31:22.11
They're forever repeating fights and conferences

18: 2015/08/25(火) 10:31:28.74
A grand cross-national tale

22: 2015/08/25(火) 10:32:54.33
Koreans won't fight even if their lives depend on it
In the end they will shout "aigoo!" without fail and runaway w

23: 2015/08/25(火) 10:32:57.95
Speaking seriously, if the north really wanted to start a war I think they would turn Seoul into a sea of fire without hesitation

29: 2015/08/25(火) 10:33:43.42
They just talked crap through speakers w

38: 2015/08/25(火) 10:37:01.34
Alright! Counterattack
Badmouthing through speakers

no title

31: 2015/08/25(火) 10:34:20.35
To Japan, it appears to be something like a 4 degree Earthquake

33: 2015/08/25(火) 10:35:16.83
They both know that there are lines that cannot be crossed
It isn't a religious war, that's the difference from the middle east

39: 2015/08/25(火) 10:37:43.78
If north and south Japan separated, you would understand that it's not that easy to go to war

41: 2015/08/25(火) 10:38:03.91
It's always pro wrestling
There's the preliminary calculation that if North Korea collapsed then hundreds of thousands of refugees would come so things are fine the way they are now

43: 2015/08/25(火) 10:39:00.83
If you look at in the long term their national power would probably rise if they unified into one nation

47: 2015/08/25(火) 10:40:57.22
Even if they attacked Seoul it would be resolved by apology in one shot

*In the original, that line says "ンゴオオオオオオオオオオ!" or "ngoooooooo!" This is almost impossible to translate directly into English. The origin of this phrase is the professional baseball player Domingo Guzman, who played for the Rakuten Golden Eagles. In the year 2008, he performed poorly in a game. On baseball forum in 2ch, various commentators wrote "Domingowww" (as you already know, w= laughter or lol). This over time became shortened to "ngowww." This is used to express laughter in a time of extreme failure. The term was originally used for people related to baseball but now it is used for anything. Source


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