Saturday, August 22, 2015

Nanao Has Plastic Sugery, Right?


1: 2015/08/20(木) 21:21:48.23 

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no title

2: 2015/08/20(木) 21:22:53.63
She pretty much changed to this much based on her makeup technique

3: 2015/08/20(木) 21:23:14.34
That's makeup

4: 2015/08/20(木) 21:23:42.24
She has black contacts on

8: 2015/08/20(木) 21:24:38.33


9: 2015/08/20(木) 21:24:42.00
She was really pretty in her high school days

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10: 2015/08/20(木) 21:25:51.32
She is definitely a girl whose face is no good without makeup

11: 2015/08/20(木) 21:25:57.88
It's makeup
Stop arbitrarily deciding that everything is plastic surgery
You can do something one way or the other with everything other than bone structure

12: 2015/08/20(木) 21:26:41.01
You can shrink the distance between the eyes? w

13: 2015/08/20(木) 21:27:05.35
She got plastic surgery and this became her fixed look

14: 2015/08/20(木) 21:27:19.67
The [-] part of the skin of her T-zone becomes taut exactly the same as Gackt and Hamasaki Ayumi

18: 2015/08/20(木) 21:28:25.69
This has had plastic surgery done

no title

19: 2015/08/20(木) 21:28:27.65
This is the destructive power of eyelid glue


20: 2015/08/20(木) 21:28:26.64
She's normally attractive

23: 2015/08/20(木) 21:28:34.94
The bridge of her nose and her bone structure were good from the start

25: 2015/08/20(木) 21:29:51.45
It's pitiful that she has this kind of face at a height of 172cm 
She made the right choice in getting plastic surgery

26: 2015/08/20(木) 21:29:56.90
She had good features from the start

29: 2015/08/20(木) 21:30:15.70
She had the basic features that if the effort is made, can make a beautiful transformation

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34: 2015/08/20(木) 21:31:06.72
Looking at her now I get a feeling that she is still changing, I wonder if she's done it

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21: 2015/08/20(木) 21:28:29.84
Basically if he puts on makeup Kanemoto can become a model too


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