Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Miyazaki Aoi Gets Into a Car Accident


1: 2015/08/10(月) 12:09:39.10

Miyazaki Aoi's rear-end collision accident

Miyazai Aoi had a rear-end collision accident on the national highway in Shibuya, Tokyo. 

According to police headquarters, at 11;40 pm on the 8th, the car that Miyazaki Aoi was driving collided with the car a man in his 40s was driving on national highway 246 near the JR Shibuya station. 

Because the highway on the scene of the accident was congested with traffic, Miyazaki-san decreased the speed of her vehicle. According to the police headquarters, Miyazaki-san was checking the traffic ahead of her and noticed the car in front of her too late, so she collided with the vehicle.


5: 2015/08/10(月) 12:10:34.33
Ride a car that has iSight w

7: 2015/08/10(月) 12:11:11.51
I want to be hit from the back by an actress too

10: 2015/08/10(月) 12:12:24.11
I want to be hit from the back by Watanabe Eriko


11: 2015/08/10(月) 12:12:44.00
> Miyazaki-san was checking the traffic ahead of her and noticed the car in front of her too late, so she collided with the vehicle.

This country is wrong for giving licenses to women, old people and idiotic people

13: 2015/08/10(月) 12:12:49.19
Women's driving where they don't even look in front of them

16: 2015/08/10(月) 12:14:27.35
This is Takaoka's curse


27: 2015/08/10(月) 12:16:37.14
Even if there are no injuries, she won't be arrested for not looking in front of her

29: 2015/08/10(月) 12:16:44.86
Return your license!

31: 2015/08/10(月) 12:17:01.78
Honestly I'm jealous

35: 2015/08/10(月) 12:18:03.90
Anyhow I bet she took a peak at her cellphone and crashed
Nothing but lies


41: 2015/08/10(月) 12:19:08.77
So she's the person who had an affair huh

43: 2015/08/10(月) 12:20:16.43
If I can get the chance to talk to Aoi-chan I want to be hit from behind by her too

51: 2015/08/10(月) 12:23:17.72
Since she's rich she'll buy a new car for guy she collided with
I'm jealous

52: 2015/08/10(月) 12:23:32.67
She hits people from the back and gets hit from the back by Okada, she's busy

56: 2015/08/10(月) 12:24:32.04
What was Okada's Tokyo Tower again?


60: 2015/08/10(月) 12:25:33.40
I'm jealous that the guy can exchange numbers with her

61: 2015/08/10(月) 12:26:31.67
She's a woman who stars in a Taiga drama
Internally she's a yakuza w

68: 2015/08/10(月) 12:35:40.64
Miyazaki Aoi "I'll give my body for forgiveness"


74: 2015/08/10(月) 12:39:40.70
I would actually want to talk with Aoi-chan
She's my favorite actress

59: 2015/08/10(月) 12:25:23.07
If it were me I would make difficulties, not for money but I would want to meet her over and over again w

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