Monday, August 17, 2015

Korean Idol Group "Block B" Apologizes for Wearing Clothing with Japanese Words

Yahoo: Korean Idol Group Block B Apologizes, Wear Clothing with Japanese Words at Event Commemorating the 70th Anniversary Since Release from Japanese Rule

1. If they hate this so much then how about not coming to Japan? +685 -22

2. Generally speaking, no matter what the country, I think the awareness of the young people is just like that. +423 -20

3. I think there are many other things to draw attention too...Well they must have free time. Thanks for your hard work. +380 -16

4. We should circulate that that kind of thing is not a problem (mondai nai)...
     Freedom of thought and speech is still 1000 years away. +181 -10

5. To come this far is a sickness + 191 -6

6. The historical fact of the colonial rule doesn't exist, so "mondai nai." +205 -6

7. Was the kanji "mondai" inappropriate?
    Was the hiragana "nai" inappropriate? +125 -8

8. Anyway, they call this kind of low level celebrity to this kind of event? It was the same at the Asian Games, I don't understand what they are trying to do +87 -4

9. Was it a message of reconciliation? +108 -3

10. Nice gag!! +100 -4


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