Thursday, August 13, 2015

Jurassic Park World Debuts at #1


1: 2015/08/11(火) 15:16:32.79 

1 Jurassic Park World
2 Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation
4 Minions
6 Kamen Rider Drive the Movie Version: Shuriken Sentai Ninninja
7 Bakemon no Ko
9 Inside Out
10 Nihon no Ichiban Nagai Hi

2: 2015/08/11(火) 15:17:41.86
Kamen Rider is amazing w

6: 2015/08/11(火) 15:19:16.49
Even though she was being chased by dinosaurs, the woman had high heels on her feet

When I saw that I was freaked out

7: 2015/08/11(火) 15:19:39.62
Mission Impossible was really interesting

8: 2015/08/11(火) 15:20:14.73
Shingeki dropped pretty fast
Hmm, it was facing a tough opponent


13: 2015/08/11(火) 15:22:00.60
In Jurassic Park how annoying the woman was and her troublesome actions were more scary than the dinosaurs

15: 2015/08/11(火) 15:22:38.51
The things appearing in the Jurassic Park movies are not dinosaurs, they're monsters
They should be called monster movies

18: 2015/08/11(火) 15:24:59.89
I laughed without thinking at the scene where the woman and the man suddenly kiss in the midst of the chaos of the park goers being attacked by the pterosaur

21: 2015/08/11(火) 15:26:04.72
Hilarious scene 1
The climax scene of T-REX vs. the new dinosaur species
Hilarious scene 2
The T-REX's "look at me now" face

29: 2015/08/11(火) 15:32:04.82
Wouldn't the 3D be hard to see by people who wear glasses?


31: 2015/08/11(火) 15:32:34.63
It was a terrible comedy movie

32: 2015/08/11(火) 15:32:38.24
Mission Impossible is interesting every time so I want to see it


33: 2015/08/11(火) 15:32:45.78
It was Godzilla vs. Mega Godzilla huh

42: 2015/08/11(火) 15:39:17.33
The Highest Grossing Hollywood Movies

1. Avatar
2. Titanic
3. Jurassic Park World ←new


43: 2015/08/11(火) 15:39:31.92
It's surprising that Shingeki no Kyojin is still at number 5. ( ゚д゚ )

55: 2015/08/11(火) 15:43:27.89
This is a movie that is deceiving people with 3D
It wasn't entertaining at all

56: 2015/08/11(火) 15:44:00.07
I saw it in 3D, either the movie theater was mediocre or the 3D was mediocre
Conclusion: the impression that the first generation Jurassic Park was the best

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