Thursday, August 6, 2015

Itano Tomomi to Star in Horror Movie "Nozokime"


1: 2015/08/06(木) 09:37:10.14 
Former AKB48 member Itano Tomomi will star in the horror movie "Nozokime" which will premier in the spring of 2016.

3: 2015/08/06(木) 09:38:16.39
I have a bad premonition

5: 2015/08/06(木) 09:39:36.86
Even though they know this is going to flop it's a mystery why they still put money into this

6: 2015/08/06(木) 09:39:37.98
Her protruding chin is certainly horror


7: 2015/08/06(木) 09:39:40.24
I have a feeling that when AKB members star in movies there is a high rate of them doing horror

8: 2015/08/06(木) 09:40:10.08
Give it your best in this C movie!

10: 2015/08/06(木) 09:40:51.66
Because acting skills are not necessary

12: 2015/08/06(木) 09:41:02.63
Is she going to regress into a novice idol?

14: 2015/08/06(木) 09:41:36.21
The transition of your face itself is horror

15: 2015/08/06(木) 09:42:09.41
Because this remodeling is too horrific wwwwwwwwwwwww


16: 2015/08/06(木) 09:42:31.93
I look forward to this angel's acting
She is seriously too cute

19: 2015/08/06(木) 09:42:49.49
They should change her into the role of a monster

21: 2015/08/06(木) 09:42:58.08
Even though this person's existence and way of thinking is horror, what are they saying?
And does she have fans?

22: 2015/08/06(木) 09:43:30.77
This will be a nonfiction movie about the restructured human Tomochin

27: 2015/08/06(木) 09:44:14.58
When AKB members do horror it becomes a terrible thing
Like Kuroyuri Danchi and Ao Oni


30: 2015/08/06(木) 09:44:53.24
Of course she'll be playing the monster right?

31: 2015/08/06(木) 09:44:56.43
A slideshow of her face changing would be horror

34: 2015/08/06(木) 09:45:27.75
Tomochin is too angelic
She's growing wings


37: 2015/08/06(木) 09:46:26.84
Her face is horror

40: 2015/08/06(木) 09:47:57.70
She seems like she would runaway quickly

42: 2015/08/06(木) 09:48:35.14
Has she gotten a new face yet again?

46: 2015/08/06(木) 09:49:38.63
The trend of letting crappy actors do horror

48: 2015/08/06(木) 09:50:14.88
Horror movies are becoming home for trashy talents 

53: 2015/08/06(木) 09:53:02.66
When I watch horror I don't care about the actors
The monsters and such are more important

56: 2015/08/06(木) 09:53:27.26
I'm waiting for the horror that is the collapse of her face



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