Tuesday, August 18, 2015

AV Actor Shimiken Opens Specialty Store that Sells Poo Flavored Curry

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The poo-flavored curry specialty shop produced by sexy actor Shimiken will open on August 16.

"You may think that we are joking, but we think that it is crucial in regards to innovation to properly take a swing at, to grapple with, and to solve the problem from our childhood, "Which would you rather eat, poo flavored curry or curry flavored poo?

We think that the people who come to eat here, who use their own legs to have the proper experience of solving this problem, will one by one have their words filled with true emotion, and that the importance of the matter will show through." -Comment from the restaurant

Shop Name: Curry Shop Shimizu
Location: Tokyo-to Setagaya-ku Funabashi
Business Hours: LUNCH 11:30~14:30 DINNER 18:00~23:00
※ First day of opening only will start from 17:00
Business Holiday: Thursday, The day that the curry was made deliciously
Shop Area 22.0 Square Meters
Accommodated Seating: 7 counter seats, 3 sofa seats
Offered Menu: Special poo flavored curry 400円~ Soft drink 500円 Alcohol 600円~
Homepage: http://curryshopshimizu.com

3情報発信元:七七四通信社 :2015/08/15(土) 18:17:02.93ID:3+6umxCm.net

Interesting interesting
Have you eaten actual poo?

4情報発信元:七七四通信社 :2015/08/15(土) 18:18:15.46ID:hTidK0eT.net
Authorized by people who have experience with coprophagia

4情報発信元:七七四通信社 :2015/08/15(土) 18:18:15.46ID:hTidK0eT.net
Specialty shop www

8情報発信元:七七四通信社 :2015/08/15(土) 18:28:15.14ID:shl+Kr4V.net
So sell some curry flavored poo too!

12情報発信元:七七四通信社 :2015/08/15(土) 18:35:16.81ID:McHmafM+.net
Did he eat actual poo and decide on the flavor?

15情報発信元:七七四通信社 :2015/08/15(土) 18:54:21.29ID:7GVcE/Js.net
The length of his penis: 15.5cm

17情報発信元:七七四通信社 :2015/08/15(土) 19:08:01.55ID:XbAaKVj2.net
I have a feeling that it's bigger than that from what I saw

19情報発信元:七七四通信社 :2015/08/15(土) 19:18:25.75ID:UChLRKBE.net
I look forward to the report on this

20情報発信元:七七四通信社 :2015/08/15(土) 19:19:14.66ID:shl+Kr4V.net
So that means it's poo flavored?
Can you make this without knowing the flavor?

27情報発信元:七七四通信社 :2015/08/15(土) 20:02:42.57ID:xNO0IA9f.net
Curry flavored poo is made just by mixing curry powder in poo so it's easy isn't it?

31情報発信元:七七四通信社 :2015/08/15(土) 20:53:08.68ID:LAy1onpe.net
So this is curry made from poo
You would have to take a laxative
The only problem is how to get rid of the smell

33情報発信元:七七四通信社 :2015/08/15(土) 21:57:32.69ID:y7u1thtK.net
Even if they carelessly forget to buy the ingredients they'll be fine

What, almost nobody knows the real flavor so they won't be found out

34情報発信元:七七四通信社 :2015/08/15(土) 22:04:21.28ID:ORJqnn0s.net
Un, kono aji da. (Yup, it's this flavor)
*This is a pun. Poo in Japanese is unko. This sentence can also be said as "unko no aji da" (this is poo flavored). 

35情報発信元:七七四通信社 :2015/08/15(土) 23:15:20.65ID:XsG212v2.net
Business Holiday: The day that the curry was made deliciously
↑ This is too terrible


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