Sunday, August 2, 2015

Attack on Titan Live Action Movie Gets Critical Rating of 40%

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1: 2015/07/31(金) 12:36:59.71

[Shingeki no Kyojin ATTACK ON TITAN] 40 Points (Out of 100 Points)

"The problem of this work is, the realism that should have been created from that kind of concept ended up becoming more manga-like than the original manga. 

It is mostly Hanji, played by Ishihara Satomi, that breaks through through to the level of idiocy and is interesting, but all characters and story other than that feel so pitiful in the production that it is unwatchable. A manga was made into a live action and became a light novel. So whatever the circumstances [the movie] was different from what it aimed to be."

5: 2015/07/31(金) 12:38:26.71
That's a gag manga
See what happens when they tried to make it seriously?

6: 2015/07/31(金) 12:39:12.54
Wow, 40 points is a high rating, in comparison to the content

8: 2015/07/31(金) 12:40:05.38
Ishihara Satomi always does these idiotic roles
She should do a late night drama like Mop Girl


10: 2015/07/31(金) 12:40:47.05
Even if you understand that it's a fantasy movie, there's no reason that those movements can be done with just two wires

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12: 2015/07/31(金) 12:41:40.95
I laugh at them deceiving the audience by processing the wire action scenes with CG


15: 2015/07/31(金) 12:41:57.68
I saw the CM and the lines from the wire action could be scene clearly, the biggest shock since Robocop

16: 2015/07/31(金) 12:42:11.50
Let Tarantino direct it


18: 2015/07/31(金) 12:42:23.80
A review from an old guy is nothing to worry about
We ourselves should rate the movie

19: 2015/07/31(金) 12:42:37.70
Before the laws of physics and whatever
It wasn't suited for this vaguely done realistic depiction

23: 2015/07/31(金) 12:43:36.60
This is a story that an old man wouldn't be able to understand by any means
Don't pay any mind to how many points some old man gives the movie
We should give our own rating 

25: 2015/07/31(金) 12:43:54.29
I had no intention of seeing it from the beginning

28: 2015/07/31(金) 12:44:03.06
I think it will be 20 times more entertaining than the Devil Man movie...

29: 2015/07/31(金) 12:44:23.82
It was 10 times better than Gatchaman


35: 2015/07/31(金) 12:45:28.83
I'm acting like it never existed w
I completely ignore the stars of the movie, and if I see it on TV I change the channel ww

37: 2015/07/31(金) 12:46:03.17
The CM was already so horrible that I cracked up

40: 2015/07/31(金) 12:46:51.39
If Nounen was Mikasa I would have gone to see
Why this Korean gorilla?


67: 2015/07/31(金) 12:52:45.50
But Nounen's side turned it down so it couldn't be helped

42: 2015/07/31(金) 12:47:51.97
It was on the level of a light novel from the start

50: 2015/07/31(金) 12:49:17.37
If you compare it to a Hollywood movie it seems cheap


58: 2015/07/31(金) 12:50:34.31
Exactly as expected...

61: 2015/07/31(金) 12:51:47.18
More importantly
Let's go to watch a Titan war!

62: 2015/07/31(金) 12:51:48.75
Since it has been made fun of some much, isn't 40% a pretty high rating?

70: 2015/07/31(金) 12:52:51.88
I actually want to go see it now w
But I don't want to see Mizuhara Kiko onscreen. 

75: 2015/07/31(金) 12:53:47.48
So it was a flop as we thought

72: 2015/07/31(金) 12:53:34.20
If it were Famitsu then 40 points would be a perfect score


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