Saturday, August 22, 2015

Arashi's New MV for Ai wo Sakebe Becomes A Topic on Twitter for Resembling Maroon 5's MV

1: ななしじゃにー 2015/08/20(木) 12:00:29.54

2: ななしじゃにー 2015/08/20(木) 12:35:45.67
But no one knows about them. This my first time hearing about that group

3: ななしじゃにー 2015/08/20(木) 13:23:22.33
Is it better to not know?

4: ななしじゃにー 2015/08/20(木) 14:09:49.19
Just like you would expect from a copycat group

5: ななしじゃにー 2015/08/20(木) 17:28:34.67
Copy w
I thought that it would be the same as some sort of special production but the only thing that is the same is the surprise factor
Since it's a song for newlyweds anyone can think of this kind of idea ww

6: ななしじゃにー 2015/08/20(木) 20:22:05.04
This song's concept itself, actually feels average.
As for the new bride's male friends, are there that many men that approve of the wedding?
When I saw the MV, I was worried that if this isn't a set up then if the couple divorces this video will always remain w

7: ななしじゃにー 2015/08/21(金) 03:20:22.93
You don't know Maroon 5?
Certainly you don't only listen to Arashi

8: ななしじゃにー 2015/08/21(金) 03:49:54.63 ID:JuHQI5/
This is my first time knowing of Maroon 5 or whatever
I'm grateful towards Arashi

10: ななしじゃにー 2015/08/21(金) 07:53:56.93
To not know a worldwide group...
Their songs are used a lot in CMs, so how about learning about them? ww

11: ななしじゃにー 2015/08/21(金) 08:31:32.87
I'm more surprise that there are people who think this isn't a set up

    13: ななしじゃにー 2015/08/21(金) 10:40:03.51
     This is also the song for the Zexy CM, so I thought that if the shallow person in charge of this MV used a real couple, that would be scary

12: ななしじゃにー 2015/08/21(金) 09:38:09.64
Maroon 5 is the worst to use Arashi as a form of advertisement

14: ななしじゃにー 2015/08/21(金) 10:51:19.90
Maroon 5 is a band that doesn't need to use Arashi for advertisement
The ones who are the worst are the Arashi wotas

15: ななしじゃにー 2015/08/21(金) 11:18:52.94
Which one came up with this false charge w

16: ななしじゃにー 2015/08/21(金) 12:54:34.84
It's like, the person who made the MV, much less Arashi's fans don't know who Maroon 5 are anyway

17: ななしじゃにー 2015/08/21(金) 13:15:15.25
This is not a rip off, it's a homage

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