Saturday, August 22, 2015

anan's Sex Issue


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I went and bought it

According to that the average age for the anan reader's first sexual experience appears to be 19

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This is an unexpected discussion

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anan does this kind of special addition periodically huh

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Is this the one where Kintama*-chan is on the cover
*Kintama- testicles. Refers to Tamamori Yuta who did a nude spread in this issue

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     There is an illustration of male genitalia and "how to lick" is written there, I lol'd

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I thought that girls nowadays where doing it in middle school

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anan always does a sex issue 
That's the way the publishing industry is, if you don't flatter the readers then you're in danger

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This is what you would expect from a magazine that's named after a moaning voice

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How to lick wwwwwwwww

I'm curious

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I read it just now and it has things like recommended love hotels and sex diagnosis according to porn actors etc.

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     If I had the job of thinking of the name for this I'd want to die

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I laughed at the name

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Hello, I'm CHAPEL

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     Hey, i am vagina

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Now I'm going to call a prostitute, and do some foreplay while looking at this magazine!

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     Hey, on Kindle you can get it or half price

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Chapel's roof LOL


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