Sunday, August 2, 2015

A Naruto Hollywood Movie is in the Works! Will it be Another Dragon Ball?


1: 2015/08/01(土) 12:39:14.91
Variety reported that Kishimoto Masahi's popular manga has a Hollywood movie in the works. The movie's production company Lion's Gate has signed a contract with director Micheal Gracey and is in the process of securing the rights to the movie version. 

3: 2015/08/01(土) 12:40:50.53
They're trying to pin down the contents by any means

4: 2015/08/01(土) 12:41:10.56
I want to see Space Cobra

5: 2015/08/01(土) 12:41:11.19
A Dragon Ball tragedy will occur

7: 2015/08/01(土) 12:41:36.00
I wonder if it will be interesting for a gaijin to be a ninja in the live action

9: 2015/08/01(土) 12:43:23.01
A white ninja is not something that you can laugh at w

11: 2015/08/01(土) 12:45:21.32
No matter how you look at it Naruto himself is a white person
Sasuke and the rest are Japanese


14: 2015/08/01(土) 12:48:53.99
If it's a manga I can see it but
A live action white laughable w

42: 2015/08/01(土) 13:01:45.37
It's because he has blonde hair an blue eyes
No matter how you think of it he wouldn't be able to conceal himself

13: 2015/08/01(土) 12:48:32.22
The star will be John Claude Van Damme


17: 2015/08/01(土) 12:50:39.87
It can't be, Wakki* will advance to Hollywood!
Japanese comedian

19: 2015/08/01(土) 12:52:01.15
I have more faith in this than if it were being made in Japan

20: 2015/08/01(土) 12:52:05.67
Please stahp

22: 2015/08/01(土) 12:52:51.73
I would have a feel uncomfortable if white people had names like Sakura and Sasuke

31: 2015/08/01(土) 12:55:25.19
I have a feeling that the pronunciation would be like "Sakoo~ra"

25: 2015/08/01(土) 12:53:26.20
They're just getting the rights for the time being
They got the rights to Parasite and that wasn't made

26: 2015/08/01(土) 12:53:54.74
Wasn't it said that Akira and Eva would get Hollywood movies?
It's really "We're getting the rights for the time being"

33: 2015/08/01(土) 12:56:45.85
I like it when he runs saying ninninnin!


35: 2015/08/01(土) 12:57:01.29
Huuuuhhhh reeeeeaaaalllyyyy pleeeeaaassee stooooooop

39: 2015/08/01(土) 13:00:45.27
I think it's bad if the film doesn't have the love of the original. 
I only think that maybe they are purposely to ruin Japanese original works

49: 2015/08/01(土) 13:04:48.56
They should make Naruto half white half Japanese

51: 2015/08/01(土) 13:07:02.40
Even though they should do Assassin's Creed instead of ninjas

54: 2015/08/01(土) 13:09:02.24
I look forward to it ♪ I will watch it

56: 2015/08/01(土) 13:09:50.59
Please stop

61: 2015/08/01(土) 13:12:09.09'
If they use a child actor and make it like Harry Potter won't it be unexpectedly good?

68: 2015/08/01(土) 13:17:17.40
Even with Dragon Ball when they suddenly changed to blue eyes and blonde hair it got popular

73: 2015/08/01(土) 13:18:05.46
Eventually they will say that the origins of ninjas are Korea, make no mistake

87: 2015/08/01(土) 13:30:44.22
I didn't see the content of the stage play but when I saw the pictures the reproduction of those characters was amazing

96: 2015/08/01(土) 13:40:48.82
If it's a 2 dimensional anime then the quality will be higher if it is made in Japan

38: 2015/08/01(土) 12:59:59.42
It better not become like Shingeki no Naruto


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