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Zawachin Takes Selfie that Resembles EXID's Hani and SNSD's Taeyeon

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ざわちんの“盛った”姿が別人。少女時代のテヨン、EXIDのハニちゃんに激似。 | Techinsight|海外セレブ、国内エンタメのオンリーワンをお届けするニュースサイト

"Zawachin is so pretty," "Your skin is so smooth, you look like a doll!" were the comments on the image that did not even look like Zawachin. People also said "You look like Shoujo Jidai's Taeyeon!" and "You totally look like Exid's Hani-chan!"

Shoujo Jidai Taeyeon


Exid's Hani




2. 匿名 2015/07/17(金) 22:20:34 [通報+2243
Stop with the picture editing

3. 匿名 2015/07/17(金) 22:20:50 [通報+1250

4. 匿名 2015/07/17(金) 22:20:58 [通報+953

5. 匿名 2015/07/17(金) 22:21:05 [通報+1537
This person is sick

6. 匿名 2015/07/17(金) 22:21:06 [通報+1235
This is retouched www

She has successfully made a fool out of herself

7. 匿名 2015/07/17(金) 22:21:06 [通報+802
Go to the Korean peninsula!!

8. 匿名 2015/07/17(金) 22:21:10 [通報+560
Ugly ugly uuuuuugly

9. 匿名 2015/07/17(金) 22:21:15 [通報+722
No, we already know you're ugly

10. 匿名 2015/07/17(金) 22:21:23 [通報+1275
I always think this each time but with alterations the length of her face has shrunken by 1/3 笑笑

11. 匿名 2015/07/17(金) 22:21:27 [通報+747
She is so not cute it's surprising

12. 匿名 2015/07/17(金) 22:21:30 [通報+514
Your usual fraud

15. 匿名 2015/07/17(金) 22:21:51 [通報+394
Who? (笑)

18. 匿名 2015/07/17(金) 22:22:02 [通報+597
Yesterday I wasn't feeling so well so I didn't wash my hair.
I have these kinds of bangs now.
My head itches...

19. 匿名 2015/07/17(金) 22:22:10 [通報+258
Her bangs wwww her forehead wwww

20. 匿名 2015/07/17(金) 22:22:20 [通報+570
She looks like this because of plastic surgery


23. 匿名 2015/07/17(金) 22:22:41 [通報+347
Those two up top have plastic surgery anyway!!

24. 匿名 2015/07/17(金) 22:22:45 [通報+1109
She really likes Korean makeup huh


25. 匿名 2015/07/17(金) 22:22:58 [通報+462
Hani is beautiful she doesn't look like her

26. 匿名 2015/07/17(金) 22:23:32 [通報+1061
Who is Exid's Hani-chan in the first place?

27. 匿名 2015/07/17(金) 22:23:56 [通報+770
I don't know Taeyeon or Hani-chan but
Just by looking at those photos she doesn't really look like them?

28. 匿名 2015/07/17(金) 22:24:00 [通報+378
I don't know Taeyeon or Hani

29. 匿名 2015/07/17(金) 22:24:05 [通報+1375
The retouching is amazing...


30. 匿名 2015/07/17(金) 22:24:15 [通報+520
Compared to Zawachin the two up top look much better

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