Thursday, July 23, 2015

Why Don't Men Read Shoujo Manga?


1: 2015/07/21(火) 18:32:40.298
Even though women read it


Title: Comic Magazines that are Read Periodically
(Manga magazine, weekly magazine) (Regardless of purchased or not purcased)
(Men, women, up until 10th place)
no title
Left to right: Weekly Shounen Jump, Weekly Shounen Magazine, Weekly Shounen Sunday, Weekly Young Jump, Young Magazine, Morning, Monthly Shounen Magazine, Weekly Shounen Champion, Big Comics Blitz, Big Comic Original, Bessatsu Margaret, Hana to Yume, Cookie, Lala, Ribon, Shoujo Comic
Blue- Men Red- Women

2: 2015/07/21(火) 18:32:55.314
I read it

3: 2015/07/21(火) 18:33:10.440
I read the ones that seem interesting

6: 2015/07/21(火) 18:33:43.042
Women don't read it that much

8: 2015/07/21(火) 18:34:02.687
I get annoyed when I read them and there are a lot of tear-jerking scenes

9: 2015/07/21(火) 18:34:03.943
Instead it's like why do women read shounen magazines?
Even though they should be satisfied when they see the ikemen that appear in shoujo manga...

11: 2015/07/21(火) 18:34:45.400
If there was a sequel for Marmalade Boy or Good Morning Call then I would be elated


12: 2015/07/21(火) 18:35:21.639
I read Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun
There might be more people who read the tankobon volumes


13: 2015/07/21(火) 18:35:36.002
I read Chihayafuru and Ore Monogatari


16: 2015/07/21(火) 18:36:12.107
The shoujo manga corner is a barrier of the color pink

18: 2015/07/21(火) 18:37:12.104
To men, shoujo manga is something like harem anime to women
It makes me want to vomit

22: 2015/07/21(火) 18:38:14.776
Does Cardcaptor Sakura count as shoujo manga?


27: 2015/07/21(火) 18:41:38.283
I wonder if it is
Tsubasa was published in a magazine so Tsubasa gets treated as a shounen manga?

23: 2015/07/21(火) 18:39:41.298
It's interesting and I read it because it gets classified as "shoujo manga" I get looks from people around me

39: 2015/07/21(火) 18:48:07.252
I read it but the plots relatively developed into romance
Looking from the protagonist's point of view I start to feel gay so it's a no go

42: 2015/07/21(火) 18:49:49.795
I only know the super old ones 
Like Tokimeki Tonight


49: 2015/07/21(火) 18:55:04.428
I read Natsume to Kamisama ha Hajimashita and Ookami Shoujo


53: 2015/07/21(火) 19:01:07.919
Yukan Club and the luck are much more interesting than crappy shounen manga


56: 2015/07/21(火) 19:04:33.562
If it's interesting I'll read it regardless whether it's a shounen manga, a shoujo manga or seinen manga

57: 2015/07/21(火) 19:05:21.327
The one called Kimi ni Todoke or something got popular so I gave it a try and I was about to die
I can't take that sort of thing


58: 2015/07/21(火) 19:06:23.319
The aura of men being coerced into the the shoujo manga corner is amazing


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