Friday, July 24, 2015

What is the Reason for Japanese Women Being Popular and Japanese Men Not Being Popular?


1: 2015/07/23(木) 10:52:23.90
Sani Brown and Darvish* both have the combination of a foreigner father and Japanese mother

I want to have a child with a foreigner and raise an athletic child too
*Abdul Hakim Sani Brown and Darvish Yu

5: 2015/07/23(木) 10:53:55.54
I get super pissed when I see a woman who says she wants to marry a gaijin
When we are told that kind of thing there's nothing we can do

7: 2015/07/23(木) 10:54:29.15
Opens legs easily

11: 2015/07/23(木) 10:54:52.93 ID:QOFv7LtI0.n
They're almost the same meaning

9: 2015/07/23(木) 10:54:43.84
Yet the sex ratio of international marriage

12: 2015/07/23(木) 10:55:43.53
Japanese women are popular (International marriage is at its lowest at %1)

13: 2015/07/23(木) 10:56:28.70 ID:QOFv7LtI0.n
What is country where Japanese men are popular and the country is strong at sports?

28: 2015/07/23(木) 11:00:02.59
Mongolia where Sumo is strong

16: 2015/07/23(木) 10:57:14.70
There are actually more men in international marriages and it's harder to get divorced

23: 2015/07/23(木) 10:58:50.18
If it's the Philippines or China the majority are after money
Now there are less Chinese and more Vietnamese

17: 2015/07/23(木) 10:57:45.70
Japanese men are chibis so it can't be helped
You need to have 180 cm
If you have money then you can go to Russia


33: 2015/07/23(木) 11:00:34.36
Saki Goutou has a Japanese father and a German mother


34: 2015/07/23(木) 11:01:06.12
You guys just have it mixed up it's only Japanese women's holes that are popular

42: 2015/07/23(木) 11:03:14.56
There are lots of women in international marriages with Koreans
There's this mystery theory that because only men have a lot of marriages with other Asians that it doesn't count

46: 2015/07/23(木) 11:04:12.72
Because Japanese women are idiots

47: 2015/07/23(木) 11:04:35.91
Women with small statures and child-like faces are popular with one group
Men with small statures and child-like faces are just gross

58: 2015/07/23(木) 11:06:28.67
Ultimately Japanese men are most suitable Japan
Look at Johnnies and the like

75: 2015/07/23(木) 11:11:58.62
Furthermore men have 5 times more international marriages than women

81: 2015/07/23(木) 11:13:32.87
And yet their spouses are Asian

79: 2015/07/23(木) 11:13:25.68
Looking at it from the Western point of view beautiful Japanese women are people like Arakawa Shizuka and Sawa Homare
The aesthetics are fundamentally different


125: 2015/07/23(木) 11:19:58.71
That is an easy to imagine example

136: 2015/07/23(木) 11:22:10.02
Shizuka Arakawa is beautiful but no matter how you look at it Sawa is a neanderthal


40: 2015/07/23(木) 11:02:57.40
Japanese women have small statures, are thin and there are almost none that are strong willed so they look submissive


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