Thursday, July 9, 2015

The Ratings for AKIRA of EXILE's Drama Bombs


1: 2015/07/08(水) 09:57:03.52 
The premier ratings for AKIRA's starring drama Heat were 6.6%

AKIRA plays an elite businessman from an elite real estate company who hides his identity and enters a countryside firefighting brigade for the purpose of gathering information. He learns the joy of protecting people through this.  The drama also stars Kuriyama Chiaki, Satou Ryuuta, Koushiba Fuuka, Tanaka Kei, Nanao and SMAP's Inagaki Goro.

2: 2015/07/08(水) 09:58:01.20
In what group is EXILE popular?

5: 2015/07/08(水) 09:58:52.31
Their own company

83: 2015/07/08(水) 10:50:12.82
Construction workers

4: 2015/07/08(水) 09:58:49.55
>AKIRA plays an elite businessman from an elite real estate company who hides his identity and enters a firefighting brigade for the purpose of gathering information.

>enters a firefighting brigade

Just from reading this I lost the will to watch

17: 2015/07/08(水) 10:05:11.52
You're too cruel!

10: 2015/07/08(水) 10:02:21.19
What's more from the first episode it doesn't seem that they want to conclude it with a drama

15: 2015/07/08(水) 10:04:09.56
What are they going to do about the movie w

18: 2015/07/08(水) 10:05:36.24
Akira-san's acting is disappointing...
Since he's this poor at it then wouldn't it better to start with supporting roles to sharpen his acting ability?


21: 2015/07/08(水) 10:07:45.47
When you search for images only the anime comes up so isn't this just small fry

23: 2015/07/08(水) 10:09:25.64
Fuji TV, Exile
Who is going to watch this, stupid www


26: 2015/07/08(水) 10:11:24.42
From 3% Fuji this is a double score
They did well

29: 2015/07/08(水) 10:11:41.37
Why do they use someone with such crappy acting. Even though it would be better to use someone who can act, why don't they understand

30: 2015/07/08(水) 10:11:46.17
It looks too much like a PR video for a fire brigade

31: 2015/07/08(水) 10:12:52.08
It's not the problem of the actors

34: 2015/07/08(水) 10:14:17.41
A story about a fire brigade
Not interested~


37: 2015/07/08(水) 10:14:33.64
I took a glance at it and he was walking with a hose while holding a dog. I changed the channel

41: 2015/07/08(水) 10:16:27.45
For an amateur he's cool but for a performer he fatally lacks talent

42: 2015/07/08(水) 10:18:37.34
If they based it on the reality of firefighters being hated for doing nothing but drinking and messing around with women I would watch it

If they are going with a strange glorification then I won't watch

43: 2015/07/08(水) 10:18:50.06
Even if you tell people it's Akira no one will watch it

46: 2015/07/08(水) 10:21:40.22
Why do Exile think they can pull in numbers

55: 2015/07/08(水) 10:25:24.12
Fire brigades in the countryside do nothing but drink don't they

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