Monday, July 27, 2015

The Muslim Lolita Trend


1: 2015/07/25(土) 06:49:47.65 et BE:357092553-PLT(12000) ポイント特典
Among Muslim women, the style that implements Japanese lolita fashion called "Muslim Lolita" has become popular. Muslim Lolita is lolita fashion that does not show the skin. Overseas and within the country, there are people who are calling it "new" and "cute."

Muslim lolita is a new trend that gained interest when the Southern California resident Alyssa Salazar uploaded her coordinates to the Chinese site HOKKfabrica. 

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2: 2015/07/25(土) 06:50:24.20
Pastel muslim

5: 2015/07/25(土) 06:51:01.82

6: 2015/07/25(土) 06:51:04.19
This is different from lolita it is something else...

I want them to make it more frilly


8: 2015/07/25(土) 06:52:49.85
Japanese lolita also looks like cheap imitations of famous brands

10: 2015/07/25(土) 06:54:14.71
I thought they had restrictions on color
I thought they were limited to black

12: 2015/07/25(土) 06:54:39.96
The Muslim big-wigs will get mad at them

16: 2015/07/25(土) 06:59:49.25
Of course since that's not written in the Koran
it varies based on region.
American Muslims walk around in Western clothing with no problem

15: 2015/07/25(土) 06:58:52.97
An overwhelming Sanrio color scheme


20: 2015/07/25(土) 07:03:10.12
It's cute but it's not Lolita
If you told me this was decora then I would agree

23: 2015/07/25(土) 07:10:55.88

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24: 2015/07/25(土) 07:11:16.49
This is fine isn't it (´・ω・`)

28: 2015/07/25(土) 07:14:19.67
She's really giving it her all

25: 2015/07/25(土) 07:11:31.91

33: 2015/07/25(土) 07:18:35.07

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35: 2015/07/25(土) 07:22:05.35
The second one is clever w Even if you can't show anything there's still a way to do it

37: 2015/07/25(土) 07:23:13.08
This is just colorful clothing isn't it

38: 2015/07/25(土) 07:24:36.09
This is excellent

39: 2015/07/25(土) 07:25:16.98
They should black as the main component for a goth lolita look


41: 2015/07/25(土) 07:26:28.54
The image of Islam will change

45: 2015/07/25(土) 07:28:28.45
It seems that the ones who cover their heads have to be more creative but
I think it's 90% good

54: 2015/07/25(土) 07:39:25.66
If it's okay for they can't expose their hair then they should wear a wig

58: 2015/07/25(土) 07:43:06.62
It's a good thing if this kind of thing becomes a chance for the women of Islam to advance in society

60: 2015/07/25(土) 07:46:04.33
In the middle of a strict religion, they find a way to enjoy their lives

61: 2015/07/25(土) 07:49:38.07
The fact that there are a lot of subtle reactions means that if there is no point of comparison then it's hard to understand?

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56: 2015/07/25(土) 07:42:20.42
I guess Muslim women want to be fashionable too

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