Tuesday, July 28, 2015

The Method for Marrying Horikita Maki


1: 2015/07/26(日) 09:29:35.606 ID:noUDernTdFOX.net
Which route should I follow?

3: 2015/07/26(日) 09:30:27.338 
First you have to go outside

6: 2015/07/26(日) 09:31:49.034
Become Sakurai Sho


7: 2015/07/26(日) 09:32:28.498
Be the son of a bureaucrat and enter Arashi
With just this it's an easy victory

8: 2015/07/26(日) 09:32:50.277 ID:noUDernTdFOX.net
Stop playing around show a concrete plan

9: 2015/07/26(日) 09:33:42.137
Why would you marry this kind of ugly girl by choice?


13: 2015/07/26(日) 09:39:42.848
Have someone else change their name to Horikita Maki


15: 2015/07/26(日) 09:41:35.535
What will you do if you marry a girl that likes someone like Sakurai?
She'll be someone who is attracted to physical looks only and prefers money, power and status
You'll just end up causing each other to suffer for the rest of your lives

16: 2015/07/26(日) 09:44:24.945 ID:noUDernTdFOX.net
Sakurai-kun is good looking so she might get charmed by that!
Horikita and me, we have good chemistry

17: 2015/07/26(日) 09:45:00.135
First of all you should go to a hospital

18: 2015/07/26(日) 09:45:49.237
The route of bribing her with her weakness

19: 2015/07/26(日) 09:46:00.307 ID:noUDernTdFOX.net
That's just the story from a drama, if you go to a hospital I don't think Horikita would be there


22: 2015/07/26(日) 09:51:26.224
Forge fake documents
You'll be married before by the time she notices

23: 2015/07/26(日) 09:52:35.880 ID:noUDernTdFOX.net
But I want her and her parents to know
If possible I want to go turn in the documents with Horikita Maki
If she's busy I'll go by myself though

26: 2015/07/26(日) 10:00:09.984
I saw the story of a marriage on television and the process to marry a rich woman is excessive
If you're not a tall ikemen who is smart it's impossible though

27: 2015/07/26(日) 10:05:47.795
If it goes as far as marriage that's not a fraud right?

28: 2015/07/26(日) 10:07:02.877 ID:noUDernTdFOX.net
One time is okay at the worst but I want to hug her!

29: 2015/07/26(日) 10:09:05.156
First pass the employment examination for Horikita Maki's company


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