Friday, July 17, 2015

Sakurai Sho's Father to Become the Vice President of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Communications


1: 2015/07/16(木) 11:14:02.07
It has been said Sakurai Shun,  the father of Sakurai Sho, a talent from the popular group Arashi, was said to have been a strong candidate for the vice presidency from 2014. 

43: 2015/07/16(木) 11:31:48.69
The father is the vice-minister and the son is in Japan's number one idol group
What kind of manga is this...

2: 2015/07/16(木) 11:14:35.11
He was that much of an important person?

3: 2015/07/16(木) 11:16:05.47
He's different from you useless lot who play around sluggishly everyday while you get old

5: 2015/07/16(木) 11:16:38.81
SMAP is done with


7: 2015/07/16(木) 11:17:02.73
They have nothing to do with it

8: 2015/07/16(木) 11:17:11.96
So it has been decided that Arashi will be at the Olympics


11: 2015/07/16(木) 11:18:19.62
Even though the father was in the law department at Tokyo University the son only went to Keio


12: 2015/07/16(木) 11:18:52.81
Having a father that you can never surpass is something to be proud of but it is also mortifying and difficult

15: 2015/07/16(木) 11:20:47.79
The reason Sakurai Sho appears all over the place on Nippon TV is because of his connections

23: 2015/07/16(木) 11:23:27.10
That means he can cover up scandals

32: 2015/07/16(木) 11:25:53.50
Does the Ministry of Internal Affairs Communications have any relation to television?

35: 2015/07/16(木) 11:26:53.31
The Ministry of Internal Affairs Communications manages broadcast licenses. 
Ministry of Internal Affairs Communications can crush a television station

36: 2015/07/16(木) 11:27:26.50
It's obvious that it has a huge connection

45: 2015/07/16(木) 11:34:16.62
Zukki's father is a guard


57: 2015/07/16(木) 11:39:02.41
I suddenly spat out my coffee

61: 2015/07/16(木) 11:40:16.06
Now Arashi have no enemies wwwwww Is that okay?

72: 2015/07/16(木) 11:47:47.39
Sakurai-kun should leave behind these genes

77: 2015/07/16(木) 11:51:11.38
Is he an elite or something

48: 2015/07/16(木) 11:35:21.12
So that's why Arashi will continue to get gorioshi'd* by the media


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