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Ranking of Artists Whose Fans Seem Scary

1. 匿名 2015/07/13(月) 00:22:21 +144

"Ranking of Artists Whose Fans Seem Scary"

1. Nagabuchi Tsuyoshi 16%
1. Arashi 16%
3. Yazawa Eikichi 12%
3. AKB Group 12%
5. X Japan 11%
6. EXILE 8%
7. Tohoshinki  5%
7. BIG BANG 5%
9. Sekai no Owari 4%
10. NEWS 3%


ファンが怖そうな有名人10」嵐ファンと同じぐらい近寄りがたいのは… | 女子SPA!

2. 匿名 2015/07/13(月) 00:24:57 [通報+2045

Love Livers*
What they are crazy about are anime characters, and the part that is scary is that they aren't real people
*Fans of the anime Love Live


4. 匿名 2015/07/13(月) 00:25:38 [通報+952
There are different types of scary (笑)

5. 匿名 2015/07/13(月) 00:25:41 [通報+507
I haven't once thought that the fans of Nagauchi Tsuyoshi and Yazawa Eikichi were scary though...

6. 匿名 2015/07/13(月) 00:25:50 [通報+678
Disney Otaku

7. 匿名 2015/07/13(月) 00:26:14 [通報+453
People who are fixated with and use Macs

9. 匿名 2015/07/13(月) 00:26:36 [通報+1700
I have a feeling that Johnny's [fans] are crazy in general...


11. 匿名 2015/07/13(月) 00:27:51 [通報+646
As for Arashi, saying you went to a concert in itself is taboo (;゜Д゜)

15. 匿名 2015/07/13(月) 00:28:47 [通報+636
Arashi fans are scary...they don't forgive even on little criticism

16. 匿名 2015/07/13(月) 00:28:52 [通報+330
There are weird KAT-TUN fans too


21. 匿名 2015/07/13(月) 00:29:58 [通報+818
It's already a religion
Takarazuka fans are also scary

22. 匿名 2015/07/13(月) 00:30:06 [通報+489
I very much understand that Arashics are scary

23. 匿名 2015/07/13(月) 00:30:07 [通報+268
EXILE fans aren't scary at all!
The scary ones lately are Sandaime fans.

24. 匿名 2015/07/13(月) 00:30:08 [通報+292
For certain, Ei-chan's fans are scary.
But he's suave and cool!

25. 匿名 2015/07/13(月) 00:30:32 [通報+397
Hamasaki Ayumi believers are also scary (笑)

29. 匿名 2015/07/13(月) 00:31:29 [通報+934
The people who pray to Arashi religiously are scary.



30. 匿名 2015/07/13(月) 00:31:35 [通報+210
This is a ranking that I can pretty much agree with

33. 匿名 2015/07/13(月) 00:32:12 [通報+242
Arashics are really scary

36. 匿名 2015/07/13(月) 00:33:08 [通報+220
Any artist will have excessive people for fans, and when they are criticized the animosity will be exposed...

37. 匿名 2015/07/13(月) 00:34:08 [通報+325
It's not that Yazawa Eikichi's fans are scary or anything
I just have the image of a stalker spreading a towel on the windshield of his car...

38. 匿名 2015/07/13(月) 00:34:13 [通報+340
I think they're bags are heavy from those pins.

42. 匿名 2015/07/13(月) 00:35:33 [通報+295
It's a well known fact that Yazawa Eikichi's fans are scary. Just because Yazawa Eikichi was something like a representative for delinquents.
Especially when Yazawa was younger, [his fans] were nothing but biker gangs and groups of delinquents, and in the middle of his concerts they would start fights. But I think those fans have lessened by now.

These people have come to his concerts since they were young


43. 匿名 2015/07/13(月) 00:36:01 [通報+1012
I said casually to my friend who is an Arashi fan "Arashi's concerts look fun, I want to go," and she got pissed off saying "And yet you aren't in the fan club if you want to go the true fans are the ones in the fan club! Even if you are in the fan club you can't go to the concerts so don't say that so lightly." w

It was gross and scary w

47. 匿名 2015/07/13(月) 00:37:44 [通報+458
I am an Arashi fan but I don't understand what they want to do
Gross ww
I have seen people kneeling down to uchiwa fans in person...
There were lots of people around that were dumbfounded
But lately I haven't seen this
Probably because it became a topic of discussion ww

48. 匿名 2015/07/13(月) 00:37:46 [通報+249
AKB wotas are scary but their manners are pretty bad.
It's terrible that they buy large amounts of CDs and just throw them away in that vicinity.

49. 匿名 2015/07/13(月) 00:37:49 [通報+220
I am an Arashi fan but I'm a little shocked that we have a bad image.
Even among Johnny's fans, there are people who have common sense...
I'm sad that the bad actions are the ones that stand out

50. 匿名 2015/07/13(月) 00:37:59 [通報+179
Generally speaking, Johnny's fans are scary in many ways.
They are too fanatical.

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