Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Misa from the Death Note Live Action Drama


1: 2015/07/06(月) 00:59:51.39 et BE:792899348-PLT(13700) ポイント特典

no title

38: 2015/07/06(月) 01:17:25.23
Write a warning baldie

40: 2015/07/06(月) 01:18:22.79
I laughed out loud

59: 2015/07/06(月) 01:51:06.41
Misa Misa was Kaba-chan huh

2: 2015/07/06(月) 01:00:39.42

7: 2015/07/06(月) 01:02:06.05
Whoa I spit out my cola and laughed

8: 2015/07/06(月) 01:02:27.11
She's identical to the original. 

no title

18: 2015/07/06(月) 01:07:55.92
She has the "Only 2~30 people gathering underground idol" type of real ugliness

23: 2015/07/06(月) 01:10:47.06
She's fat and for an idol she looks old

25: 2015/07/06(月) 01:11:13.81

no title

34: 2015/07/06(月) 01:15:13.98
This is no good, I burst out laughing every time I look at Busa Busa wwwwwwww

48: 2015/07/06(月) 01:31:54.52
They changed the setting
So it's fine that the hairstyle doesn't match

55: 2015/07/06(月) 01:43:25.77
I look forward to the ratings (grin)

55: 2015/07/06(月) 01:43:25.77

no title

no title

no title

I haven't watched it yet but
Is she really all that ugly?

68: 2015/07/06(月) 02:01:39.42
Just a-- wait wwwww
Isn't this too rude towards Toda?

75: 2015/07/06(月) 02:10:33.24
The movie's Misa

no title

no title

no title

79: 2015/07/06(月) 02:20:05.09
This is an angel
It's too rude to compare her to Busa Busa Guro Guro*
*Busa- ugly Guro- gross

139: 2015/07/06(月) 03:25:03.60
Toda Erika doesn't have the image of the original 
She's still better than 1

78: 2015/07/06(月) 02:19:03.21
She's like if Toda Erika put on 10 kilos

81: 2015/07/06(月) 02:21:48.70
I watched it by chance, and she is uglier than the image

83: 2015/07/06(月) 02:22:36.81
I was surprised by how bad L's diction was

87: 2015/07/06(月) 02:26:56.02
She's being called Busa Busa all over the place 笑

135: 2015/07/06(月) 03:16:27.66
Seriously why
Her arms are thin though

no title

107: 2015/07/06(月) 02:47:30.12
Toda Erika was cute

109: 2015/07/06(月) 02:47:45.74
Blonde hair will deteriorate Asians it's no good

45: 2015/07/06(月) 01:30:44.37
Her character is an underground idol. Appropriate


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