Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Minegishi Minami and Sashihara Rino Perform SNSD's 'Gee' on Utage; Nakai Masahiro Lectures Them


1: 2015/07/28(火) 20:43:08.72

There was a scene of Nakai Masahiro Lecturing Yasuda Kei, HKT's Sashihara Rino and AKB48's Minegishi Minami. About the performance he said, "The entertainment industry might be in trouble," and "When the people above you see this, I wonder what they would think." Also, "The people who have been seriously singing music up until this point, the people who have been seriously doing dance up until this point, I wonder what they would think."

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2: 2015/07/28(火) 20:44:18.66
You can't really object to Nakai who has continued singing for over 20 years w

5: 2015/07/28(火) 20:45:22.15
"You too right?" I think

7: 2015/07/28(火) 20:45:53.26
The Japanese entertainment industry is suffering from the Galapagos syndrome*, so even if he lectures them like this it's just sad
For the time being they should market Johnny's more around the world
And put the internet into more practical use

8: 2015/07/28(火) 20:45:54.76
There are people out there who are sad because of you

10: 2015/07/28(火) 20:46:27.41
Nakai is a dance expert after all


14: 2015/07/28(火) 20:46:40.59
If an opera singer heard Nakai's rough voice I wonder what they would think. 

15: 2015/07/28(火) 20:46:46.71
That's exactly right, but whose mouth is it coming from

18: 2015/07/28(火) 20:47:17.36
Even if SMAP don't lip sync every once in a while, only Nakai's mic won't have any power


19: 2015/07/28(火) 20:47:55.51
Johnny's have no right to say that

21: 2015/07/28(火) 20:48:10.55
Even if the tone deaf Nakai says it the persuasive power is 0 www


24: 2015/07/28(火) 20:48:25.74
But when it gets this bad I definitely think a reaction will come
Like a transcendent idol group that can dance and sing will appear

30: 2015/07/28(火) 20:49:33.06
Why don't Johnny's use SNS?


36: 2015/07/28(火) 20:50:22.32
I don't really think anything of it
If you lose interest in your craft it's done for 
That's it

37: 2015/07/28(火) 20:50:48.17'
The guy who's super tone deaf even in SMAP, who are on the same level can't talk w

39: 2015/07/28(火) 20:51:33.95
Nakai sure can talk when he's on the level of "Why's he a singer?"
That itself is horrible

40: 2015/07/28(火) 20:51:34.37
Nakai has taken music seriously
He just sucks

46: 2015/07/28(火) 20:52:26.12
I wonder what people who have always taken ramen seriously will think of people who eat Jiro?
You can't make a rebuttal to that


61: 2015/07/28(火) 20:56:25.48
At the very least he isn't taking SMAP seriously I bet

62: 2015/07/28(火) 20:56:43.07
When you say that I only hear jealousy

72: 2015/07/28(火) 20:59:03.97
I wonder what people who have always taken music seriously will think when they see SMAP (especially Nakai)


74: 2015/07/28(火) 20:59:25.89
Because Nakai's tone deafness is like a disease

79: 2015/07/28(火) 21:01:19.04
Didn't SMAP once sell CDs as music?
Not just as extras for a handshake ticket
Nakai is reasonably trying his best at dancing too


82: 2015/07/28(火) 21:02:05.27
Can Johnny's
Especially Nakai say that...

77: 2015/07/28(火) 21:00:54.59
The dancing and singing of idols are just a bonus, regardless of the generation


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