Monday, July 20, 2015

Matsuko Deluxe: "Idol groupies should move on at age 20!"


1: 2015/07/19(日) 17:05:07.33

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*Text: Idol groupies move on at age 20

4: 2015/07/19(日) 17:12:41.50
Take a closer look
This girl is a Hallyu idol wota
Matsuko herself is a Hello wota


5: 2015/07/19(日) 17:06:57.30 
Matsuko the Morning Musume wota is a loser
Matsuko Mijemeksu*
*A pun of Matsuko Deluxe. Mijime means miserable. 

6: 2015/07/19(日) 17:07:32.37 
Hello Kasu wwwwwww
*Net slang used to refer to fans of Hello Project groups

8: 2015/07/19(日) 17:08:30.86 
Isn't this the opposite?
When you become an old man you won't be able to chase after young girls so you follow idols
I think that guys in their 20's will chase after girls in their own age group

9: 2015/07/19(日) 17:09:12.61 
Matsuko is always fighting idols wotas huh


14: 2015/07/19(日) 17:10:12.47 
Because even if she fights them it's harmless

15: 2015/07/19(日) 17:10:13.63
I had the least interest in idols from my late teens to early twenties

 19: 2015/07/19(日) 17:11:30.67
Matsuko that's enough it's time to move on from fighting idol wotas

23: 2015/07/19(日) 17:12:35.29
Seriously to be an idol wota if you're not a working adult it's a bit difficult on the monetary front though so I wonder if that is okay

25: 2015/07/19(日) 17:13:35.82
You don't have to follow them on tour or buy multiple copies of the albums
Those serious idol wotas are screwed in the head
They're not wotas they're just maniacs

24: 2015/07/19(日) 17:12:44.31 
It gets fun after age 20 


26: 2015/07/19(日) 17:15:01.36 
She's trying to start a fight with Johnny wotas huh

27: 2015/07/19(日) 17:15:02.91 
The ones supporting the idol industry are not people in the 20s
It's people in their 40's and 50's

28: 2015/07/19(日) 17:15:26.61 
Following idols after you've become an adult is embarrassing
If you're an Ossan it's definitely gross
I think that it's totally okay if you're over 20 and you support idols along with your girlfriend or if you're an old man and you go with your wife and children to the country-wide handshake events. It's charming
If you are unmarried and still follow them that is honestly gross

29: 2015/07/19(日) 17:16:10.70 
A groupie and wota are a little different 

34: 2015/07/19(日) 17:17:52.37 
Being an idol wota isn't a decent thing in the first place regardless of age
It is something that can be allowed up until age 20 due to youthful indiscretion

39: 2015/07/19(日) 17:19:37.98 
The Ossan's teary eyes take flight www


41: 2015/07/19(日) 17:20:49.77 
If that's the case then you're a loser too Matsuko-san for being a Hello Project idol wota past age 40

42: 2015/07/19(日) 17:21:01.22 et
Even if you get married and become a wota
It's no problem

46: 2015/07/19(日) 17:22:22.66 et
Johnny wotas are losers huh...

no title

47: 2015/07/19(日) 17:23:26.71 
It's that when you start using money you're at a loss

48: 2015/07/19(日) 17:23:42.69 
That's right
But from the ones promoting if there aren't people who will use money for your sake then you will be troubled

51: 2015/07/19(日) 17:30:32.52 
I dunno
Let me at least choose my hobbies at my own volition
I don't choose hobbies to be thought well of by other people

52: 2015/07/19(日) 17:31:25.19 
I'm a fan not a groupie

72: 2015/07/19(日) 17:49:27.21 
At Matsuko's weight she's losing as a person w


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