Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Koike Teppei's Abs are Too Amazing


1: 2015/07/12(日) 13:42:24.50

no title

no title

2: 2015/07/12(日) 13:42:42.34
They're surprisingly awesome

3: 2015/07/12(日) 13:42:59.58
He's super skinny (笑)

4: 2015/07/12(日) 13:43:04.82

16: 2015/07/12(日) 13:44:20.51
I don't want to fight him
I want to hold him

21: 2015/07/12(日) 13:45:12.95
The fact that he is 29 is crazy

23: 2015/07/12(日) 13:45:29.24
You wouldn't be able to imagine that from this innocent mask

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24: 2015/07/12(日) 13:45:36.86
His abs are certainly ripped but he is skinny
Even guys who are a little fat and have a good build are stronger

27: 2015/07/12(日) 13:46:18.26
Must be tough to have this face at 29

30: 2015/07/12(日) 13:46:46.80
He just has nice abs, that's not suitable for actual battle

36: 2015/07/12(日) 13:47:33.04
He does 200 sit ups a day
He also has the thickness

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41: 2015/07/12(日) 13:48:11.89
This is the real deal. These aren't weak abs
They are properly built abs

70: 2015/07/12(日) 13:53:01.78
He did nothing but working out because he has no work

84: 2015/07/12(日) 13:56:38.71'
I also have these kinds of abs but I respect the fact that his face is way different
Speaking of which it's popular among guys, that kind of face

88: 2015/07/12(日) 13:57:30.22
I know
Truthfully I want to lick him

102: 2015/07/12(日) 13:59:01.43

99: 2015/07/12(日) 13:58:53.28
The only one I don't know is the actor from Massan. What role did he play?

101: 2015/07/12(日) 13:58:57.28
Can't be helped huh...

no title

104: 2015/07/12(日) 13:59:28.40
Haven't really seen him lately 


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