Wednesday, July 29, 2015

KimuTaku and Fukushi Sota Hug Each Other


1: 2015/07/27(月) 20:11:35.04
Poor KimuTaku

5: 2015/07/27(月) 20:12:09.55
Their heights aren't that different huh

8: 2015/07/27(月) 20:12:32.21
Fukushi Sota was lovestruck warota

19: 2015/07/27(月) 20:13:56.76

no title

He is unrivaled

20: 2015/07/27(月) 20:14:15.13
But honestly if it's KimutTaku then I would want to be hugged by him

23: 2015/07/27(月) 20:15:19.50

no title

25: 2015/07/27(月) 20:15:52.17
KimuTaku is so cool

26: 2015/07/27(月) 20:15:52.26
It's amazing that they were able to do this without laughing

64: 2015/07/27(月) 20:21:01.75
The size of Fukushi Sota's face isn't that different from Honda Tsubasa's
What happened?

79: 2015/07/27(月) 20:23:31.51

no title

99: 2015/07/27(月) 20:24:40.07
KimuTaku is good looking but his way of riding the mood is annoying

112: 2015/07/27(月) 20:26:12.65
Mateyo-san* does surfing all year round so it can't helped that his skin is dark
*There's an ongoing joke that Kimura Takuya's real name is Cho Mateyo


125: 2015/07/27(月) 20:28:49.46
If Fukuyama-kun was in the studio too KimuTaku would die

149: 2015/07/27(月) 20:30:53.08
Isn't KimuTaku's skin too dark?


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