Friday, July 24, 2015

Hashimoto Ryosuke from A.B.C-Z Loses 15 kg in One and a half Months

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A.B.C-Z橋本、1ヶ月半で15キロ減量 - エンタメ - 朝日新聞デジタル&w

About the reason why he wanted to lose weight: "At the time of our May concert I thought that it would soon be my birthday (7/15), and I wondered what would be the best present for myself. I thought that something that money can't buy would be good, I thought that becoming attractive would be good. For my birthday I wanted a pretty version of myself."

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Eh- Didn't he lose a bit too much? His cheeks are sunken in!

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Too thin!

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He's basically Shinjo* now wwwwww
*Baseball player Shinjo Tsuyoshi

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I'm sorry, I don't know this person.

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It seems like he only lose weight in his cheeks (笑)

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Hey hey!

He sure is skinny...

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What a painful appearance

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His face is sunken in and he looks thin.


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He's too thin but
I'm jealous...

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>I thought that becoming attractive would be good. For my birthday I wanted a pretty version of myself

The reason he lost weight is really just this? www

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When he lost weight he aged...

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Tsuka-chan is giving it his all everyday with an Olympic mood


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His face
It looks like the lines were drawn on

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