Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Gackt Criticizes Cool Japan


1: 2015/07/01(水) 07:24:03.85

Gackt went to see a stage production of Naruto in another country. He did not think the entire theater would be filled. In the end. less than half of the theater was filled. 

Gackt said: "I think in its entirety it is a very good thing. But to speak from my conclusion, if they didn't shorten the contents and tried to deliver the contents precisely, wouldn't it have become a production with a higher degree of completion...?" And about no visitors coming: "What disappointingly couldn't be helped is that the production was not advertised at all. In other words, there was no promotion."

He also said:
"The Japanese government started a new experiment under the name of Cool Japan but, much of the budget has not been used for its purpose and taxes have been pointlessly flowing into an undertaking they don't really understand. Just by saying that it wouldn't be an exaggeration that it has fallen into a negative loop."

"Even if you turned it over 100 steps and made that unknown undertaking a good thing, the reality is that have been almost no results of Japanese culture being carried overseas. The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry doesn't understand how this money is to be used at all and it can't be helped if they are criticized." 

"Today's Japan has had a late start. It is being left behind [other countries] in Asia."

"The budget of Cool Japan is still floating in the air...I wonder who in the world this budget is for? I wonder if there are actually any people living in Japan who understand what kind of thing Cool Japan is? And what was Cool Japan in the first place? I wonder how many people there are who can answer that clearly?"

2: 2015/07/01(水) 07:24:52.18
Did he return the earthquake disaster funds?

3: 2015/07/01(水) 07:24:57.57
I don't really understand the donation money you collected

4: 2015/07/01(水) 07:24:59.49
Support me! 100,000,000 yen

8: 2015/07/01(水) 07:25:38.22
If you don't know how the money's being used then how do you know whether or not it's going waste?

9: 2015/07/01(水) 07:25:44.14
Gackt "Taxes have been pointlessly flowing into undertaking they don't really understand. Just by saying that it wouldn't be an exaggeration that it has fallen into a negative loop."

Dentsu "Dentsu is is not an undertaking that you don't really understand. We don't understand the funds you collected at the time of earthquake disaster either."


11: 2015/07/01(水) 07:26:54.76
This guy doesn't have any hit songs huh w

13: 2015/07/01(水) 07:27:51.35
Who the hell does he think he is
I am curious about the whereabouts of the fundraising money ww


14: 2015/07/01(水) 07:28:22.21
The one we don't understand the most is you

15: 2015/07/01(水) 07:28:23.36
Fake celebrity

17: 2015/07/01(水) 07:29:15.23
This person is suspicious so I don't like him but
The strategy for Cool Japan is suspicious it's obvious that it would be criticized

25: 2015/07/01(水) 07:32:07.68
If would be good if Gackt did something

28: 2015/07/01(水) 07:32:22.87
An amateur cosplay troupe better not do a stage production overseas. This is embarrassing

39: 2015/07/01(水) 07:38:37.31
Didn't this guy have huge unaccounted for expenses?
It rose to suspicions of embezzlement right?

44: 2015/07/01(水) 07:39:24.99
You don't say anything! You fraud

50: 2015/07/01(水) 07:41:13.18
The citizen's taxes ----> The country-----> Dentsu----> Gackt etc.
You're receiving a benefit too aren't you

63: 2015/07/01(水) 07:44:21.51
Warota w

53: 2015/07/01(水) 07:41:46.03
Eliminate discrimination in France and then come back w

55: 2015/07/01(水) 07:42:02.54
I only see him as someone who misappropriated donation funds that were collected with good intentions

57: 2015/07/01(水) 07:42:33.15
"So that's why I'm going to misuse tax money"

128: 2015/07/01(水) 08:10:47.55
In reality [the money] is flowing into a strange enterprise and I don't think that's effective but
You are suspicious too aren't you


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