Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Death Note and Koinaka Get Low Ratings


1: 2015/07/21(火) 09:33:10.10 

The drama Death Note, based off the popular manga of the same name received ratings of 8.7% for the third episode, which was broadcast on the 19th. The ratings of the first episode were 16.9% and the 2nd episode's ratings were 12.3%.

3: 2015/07/21(火) 09:34:40.83

4: 2015/07/21(火) 09:35:19.42
It's going down the same road as Nubei
Nippon Television is too lacking in learning ability w

5: 2015/07/21(火) 09:35:36.30
A competent producer wwwww

no title

6: 2015/07/21(火) 09:36:16.71
It reduced by half after the 2nd week huh

7: 2015/07/21(火) 09:36:17.62
All of the people who watched out of curiosity left

9: 2015/07/21(火) 09:37:07.40
This is the  Busa Busa effect huh

no title

10: 2015/07/21(火) 09:37:37.18
That's because the 3 episode was horrible. 
Light and L and Ray Penber are all too stupid

17: 2015/07/21(火) 09:40:54.55
L's crossed eyes are gross


18: 2015/07/21(火) 09:44:11.18
Light is too ugly and you will definitely laugh at first episode

19: 2015/07/21(火) 09:48:24.86
Other than Misa Misa's bad acting and Light's incompetence I am actually enjoying it

22: 2015/07/21(火) 09:50:12.08
It's done with wwwwwwwww

24: 2015/07/21(火) 09:50:40.05
The actor's faces were too gross 


26: 2015/07/21(火) 09:51:14.55
The clear headed Light who becomes crazy after becoming invincible with the death note
And L who confronts Light with psychological warfare, the suspense was promising

31: 2015/07/21(火) 10:09:06.62
It's because they cast paid content into a ditch
An entertainment agency created a Death Note brand for the purpose of marketing new talents
That's it

28: 2015/07/21(火) 09:52:28.61
Nah there seriously had to be better suited guys for this right?
Nippon TV certainly didn't take Death Note seriously


1: 2015/07/21(火) 09:38:33.14
"The ratings of the drama "Koinaka" (Monday evening, 9:00) which stars actor Fukushi Sota, were 9.8% (Video Research, Kanto Sector). The first episode was extended by 15 minutes."

2: 2015/07/21(火) 09:39:02.13
Right in the hypothesized range

3: 2015/07/21(火) 09:39:27.27
Of course! Why did they think to do this boring crap of a drama?

5: 2015/07/21(火) 09:39:51.20
Getsu9 getting single digits from the first episode

7: 2015/07/21(火) 09:40:18.14
The first episode couldn't get in the double digits ww


8: 2015/07/21(火) 09:40:35.50
Who would want to watch Honda Tsubasa's acting w


10: 2015/07/21(火) 09:41:04.09
The way they started was with an ordinary couple flirting with each other so everyone except riajuus* would run away w


15: 2015/07/21(火) 09:42:27.52
It is a summer romance drama after all


17: 2015/07/21(火) 09:43:15.15
It's rare for a drama on Monday at 9 to get single digits isn't it?

18: 2015/07/21(火) 09:43:31.19
Fukushi and Honda's acting was so deadpan I was surprised, when it's so bad I can't focus on the content
To make matters worse, with that old fashioned script and acting, who will watch it other Fukushi and Honda's fans?
Fuji TV is hanging on to their past glory and are making nothing but works that are reminiscent of the past
That why all of their dramas and varieties aren't get better, and they're being destroyed by low ratings

19: 2015/07/21(火) 09:43:34.04
I can't get in the mood to watch it at all
And it's Fuji TV anyway

21: 2015/07/21(火) 09:44:18.74
I have no reason to watch just because of Fukushi Sota

24: 2015/07/21(火) 09:44:50.00
9% is high isn't it ww
With this story I thought it would be 3% ww


27: 2015/07/21(火) 09:45:34.20
The young actors really aren't being brought up well
There are no good young actors
When I look at this type of disaster
I realize that KimuTaku and Fukuyama who, even with a trash script, were able to pull ratings with just their existence were really amazing

33: 2015/07/21(火) 09:46:35.74
Kane ga Nai was a god-like drama after all
There are no longer dramas as interesting as that


40: 2015/07/21(火) 09:47:23.58
Actors that are too plan
A conventional script
On the other hand isn't 9% a miraculous huge success?


52: 2015/07/21(火) 09:50:11.16
I don't watch it but Death Note won


60: 2015/07/21(火) 09:53:11.22
The winter season is coming for Getsu9 huh


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