Friday, July 31, 2015

Arashi Faces Accusations of Lip Syncing after First Performance at FNS Uta no Natsu Matsuri in 4 Years


1: 2015/07/30(木) 07:37:38.01 ID:???*.net
Arashi appear for the first time in 4 years on FNS Uta no Natsu Matsuri, broadcast on July 29. One after the other, cries of "Lip syncing comeback?!" appear. 

On the same program in 2011, Ohno's microphone had no power, which caused fans to believe that Arashi were "harassed by FNS." The reason is not yet known, but since the following year Arashi has not made an appearance on the program. On the 18th it was announced that Arashi would be making an appearance on the program, and fans rejoiced. The rumored reason for this was the change of the producer who instated the "lip syncing is forbidden" rule.

That producer was famous for being in control of Fuji's music programs, and in June that producer was suddenly moved to CS programs. Because of that the ban on lip syncing was lifted from Fuji's programs, and groups that belonged to Johnny's who were bad at singing were then able to perform. And then Arashi was going to perform for the first time in 4 years, so how Arashi would be treated was important to fans. 

On the broadcast, they performed their popular song "Love so Sweet" and their new song "Aozora no Shita, Kimi no Tonari." They danced while performing and did not look like they were out of breath. About this, fans said "This is Arashi's usual lip syncing, but didn't FNS put a ban on lip syncing?" "Because they had a huge accident, Arashi is lip syncing huh..." "Why does Arashi go to such extremes to lip sync?"

2: 2015/07/30(木) 07:38:10.62
These are not suspicions it's the truth

3: 2015/07/30(木) 07:38:50.20
I bet FNS has done things like permitting lip syncing and covering it up 

6: 2015/07/30(木) 07:42:11.84
They always lip syncing so now they bring this up?

7: 2015/07/30(木) 07:42:30.13
These people, their faces are average, they don't pull in ratings, and their faces have deteriorated while not obtaining any type of skill at all. 


9: 2015/07/30(木) 07:43:43.72
I watched but almost all the idols, not just Arashi were lip syncing 

12: 2015/07/30(木) 07:44:50.70
I thought their singing was aaaaaaaawesome while they were dancing but it turned out to be lip syncing huh ()

13: 2015/07/30(木) 07:47:14.80
I have a good impression of Kisumai for properly singing without lip syncing

14: 2015/07/30(木) 07:47:23.67
Female idol's lip syncing is bad lip syncing
Male idol's lip syncing is good lip syncing

20: 2015/07/30(木) 07:50:06.28
The acoustics were bad right. Even the people singing live sounded bad. Learn something from NHK's Nodo Jiman


25: 2015/07/30(木) 07:52:04.84
Anyway because it has become a Natsu Matsuri specializing in Johnnyxile and AKB this can be settled just by not watching. 

28: 2015/07/30(木) 07:55:39.75
Seriously there were a lot who sounded bad

31: 2015/07/30(木) 07:57:57.66
The people performing live were projected from the back as doing their best. 
The people performing by lip syncing were projected from the back as having too much time on their hands. 

32: 2015/07/30(木) 08:00:15.55
What's wrong with lip syncing
SMAP, who appeared on the same program had singing voices that were like noise that shatters you ear drums
[Lip syncing] is very much preferred to that

35: 2015/07/30(木) 08:01:59.47
It is considerably rude that they appeared on the same program as real singers

36: 2015/07/30(木) 08:04:25.59
AKB's lip syncing was too horrible. 

37: 2015/07/30(木) 08:02:30.05
Love so Sweet was sung live
Their Gestu9 one was lip synced 


41: 2015/07/30(木) 08:04:19.78
I only watched the final SMAP performance but they where wholeheartedly lip syncing
Nakai at first was obvious

52: 2015/07/30(木) 08:14:58.84
Nakai had just gotten surgery on his throat
And he had just done 27 Hour TV give him a break

50: 2015/07/30(木) 08:13:17.86
Other than the raps Arashi always lip syncs
They suck at singing so they shouldn't force themselves to sing but it is uncool to lip sync even for songs that have no dancing

58: 2015/07/30(木) 08:19:15.86
Arashi were allowed to sing live once and were too terrible so after that they always lip synced

60: 2015/07/30(木) 08:20:07.45
There is an idol whose song continued playing even though the mic fell

77: 2015/07/30(木) 08:26:24.96
Arashi is better off lip syncing without fail


90: 2015/07/30(木) 08:31:12.43
It's wrong to treat dance performers as singers in the first place

103: 2015/07/30(木) 08:38:41.62
Funasshi was also lip syncing yesterday

114: 2015/07/30(木) 08:49:36.42
Sandaime or whatever, even though they were singing they were mumbling so I didn't understand what they were saying

118: 2015/07/30(木) 08:50:26.60
Even if they sing live you guys will say they suck anyway w 

121: 2015/07/30(木) 08:51:59.01
What is wrong with lip syncing
This is a performance so, it's about how much they can make the audience happy

109: 2015/07/30(木) 08:45:30.26
Follow Nakai's example  He doesn't change whether lip syncing or singing live


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