Monday, July 20, 2015

American Citizen Shelly Criticizes the US-Japan Security Treaty "What will become of Japan?"


1: 2015/07/18(土) 00:46:28.14 ID:???*.net

'Is this kind of thing possible in this era?' I thought while watching television with nothing but suspicion. What does the generation that experienced war feel about the state of things? I really think that people who continue to protest in the rain are really cool. I think it is a thing of pride that the young generation is rising up. What will become of Japan?


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133: 2015/07/18(土) 01:06:44.88
These guys can't tell the difference between opposition and criticism

4: 2015/07/18(土) 00:48:21.87
You are looking at the face of your country I bet

5: 2015/07/18(土) 00:48:23.29
Her father is in the military right

7: 2015/07/18(土) 00:48:26.36
What will happen to your country www


10: 2015/07/18(土) 00:48:55.34
Isn't she getting less work?

20: 2015/07/18(土) 00:50:44.05
Foreigners shouldn't say anything about another country's national defense

23: 2015/07/18(土) 00:50:57.21
I support Shelly!

28: 2015/07/18(土) 00:52:21.61
Hurry up and return to America

33: 2015/07/18(土) 00:53:22.39
Ah, she's stupid after all...


34: 2015/07/18(土) 00:53:28.71
You guys are cruel

40: 2015/07/18(土) 00:54:05.93
This is a request from America though
Guys who don't understand politics should shut up

44: 2015/07/18(土) 00:54:37.16
She really doesn't understand Japan

51: 2015/07/18(土) 00:55:31.17
No matter how you think about it an American doesn't have the rights to say this

58: 2015/07/18(土) 00:56:19.5
If you don't understand the US-Japan Treaty then shut up

62: 2015/07/18(土) 00:56:58.94
Even if she says that her own nationality is American and her father is in the American armed forces

106: 2015/07/18(土) 01:03:36.45
Rather than another country, worry about your own future w

154: 2015/07/18(土) 01:09:58.89
I liked her quite a bit but she sure is stupid...

178: 2015/07/18(土) 01:14:56.69
How bad her personality is can be seen in the wrinkle of her brow


71: 2015/07/18(土) 00:58:22.31
If she doesn't say that the won't be able to get work


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