Wednesday, July 29, 2015

American Article "Why Do Japanese Anime Characters Look Like White People?"


1: 2015/07/28(火) 14:17:21.268 

no title

3: 2015/07/28(火) 14:18:23.825
Well there is a complex towards white people
Don't let them say that it's embarrassing

4: 2015/07/28(火) 14:18:32.344
This is definitely too much of a persecution complex
White people aren't that put together

5: 2015/07/28(火) 14:18:58.294
Americans are idiots just as I thought

6: 2015/07/28(火) 14:19:17.990
It's easy to draw 
It's not that [the characters] are white people

9: 2015/07/28(火) 14:20:01.236
They're not white or Japanese

12: 2015/07/28(火) 14:20:22.854
They're not white characters 
Try and compare them to the anime characters of different countries

14: 2015/07/28(火) 14:21:19.775
A beautified Japanese person


19: 2015/07/28(火) 14:22:14.40
There are no white people in the manga style
This is being overly self conscious

23: 2015/07/28(火) 14:23:38.312
Those guys are lacking the ability to comprehend unrealistic things
That's why they only make realistic manga and games

24: 2015/07/28(火) 14:24:02.850
There's no one who draws while consciously thinking of white people...they're excessively self conscious

27: 2015/07/28(火) 14:24:37.369
They're so stupid I can't stand it
Hmm they are idiots who believe in that light novel called the bible

30: 2015/07/28(火) 14:25:56.031
I hate white characters
There are a lot of yellow characters in Shogakukan

31: 2015/07/28(火) 14:26:01.514
We're not as fat as white people
And we're not that dirty

32: 2015/07/28(火) 14:26:14.691
Don't be conceited whitey (笑)

33: 2015/07/28(火) 14:26:48.697
Japanese peoples' dango nose* complex in manga is rather strong
*Dumpling; i.e. nose shaped like a dumpling


34: 2015/07/28(火) 14:27:34.468
You guys don't have small nose

40: 2015/07/28(火) 14:28:51.158
The noses and chins aren't drawn huh

42: 2015/07/28(火) 14:29:38.810
Before bishoujo race and so forth had no meaning

51: 2015/07/28(火) 14:33:34.630
Because they're stupid if we don't properly draw black eyes black here they won't get it

58: 2015/07/28(火) 14:37:01.769
By the way here are the average looks of a white person

no title

62: 2015/07/28(火) 14:39:23.682
Everyone looks like they're in their 40s even though they're all actually young

63: 2015/07/28(火) 14:39:59.830
White people or should I say Western people have a low understanding of non-realism

67: 2015/07/28(火) 14:41:43.508
You can finish this conversation by saying the characters are beautified [versions of Japanese people]

70: 2015/07/28(火) 14:42:51.426
As for the facial features if I were to say which one then they would be Japanese

87: 2015/07/28(火) 14:53:37.989
People from anime aren't as scraggy as white people

90: 2015/07/28(火) 14:55:26.819
The manga versions of white people as from Americans are these

no title

103: 2015/07/28(火) 15:05:19.871
Because [Americans] themselves are bad at drawing deformed characters and can't draw cute characters
They just say "They're white people!" for Japan's manga


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