Friday, June 26, 2015

Zainichi Korean: "I have no intention of returning to Korea and I will continue to live in Japan but I have no intention of becoming naturalized."


1: 2015/06/24(水) 09:17:17.94

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"I have no intention of returning to Korea and I will continue to live in Japan but I have no intention of becoming naturalized."

2: 2015/06/24(水) 09:18:23.46
From now on how many generations will continue to leech of Japan-nida*
*The original pokes fun of the Korean verb ending "nida"

3: 2015/06/24(水) 09:19:13.53
Huh! He has such a shameless face

5: 2015/06/24(水) 09:20:18.34
What trash

7: 2015/06/24(水) 09:20:43.29

8: 2015/06/24(水) 09:20:45.93
We humbly decline

10: 2015/06/24(水) 09:21:07.02
It will be fine if they just get rid of special permanent residence
That way Japan will become something only for the Japanese. 
Get this in your head. 


13: 2015/06/24(水) 09:22:20.05
〈^ω^〉The privileges of zainichis are nice-nida

15: 2015/06/24(水) 09:23:07.94
I don't really care but, if they should abolition special permanent residence 
Then they will become integrated with regular permanent residents
And they will get treated like regular foreigners.

22: 2015/06/24(水) 09:26:42.38
Treat them like regular foreigners!

*I did a gag that made fun of Japan

24: 2015/06/24(水) 09:27:52.08
Even if they don't plan on disappearing they will get driven out anyway

28: 2015/06/24(水) 09:28:10.15
Even if they go back home they will get more discrimination that they would in Japan. How pitiful. 
At least, they should stop the anti-Japanese education in Korean schools and make an effort to do well in Japan.

36: 2015/06/24(水) 09:30:52.32
However, why is Japan so generous towards China and Korea?

48: 2015/06/24(水) 09:36:09.55
We're generous to any country but
The only trash that takes advantage of that generosity are those two countries

40: 2015/06/24(水) 09:33:19.31
This kind of thing can become an image of proof
You can say that those pre-existing special permanent resident foreigners who grumble about not wanting to become naturalized are leeching off us


45: 2015/06/24(水) 09:34:50.38
Does this mean that they want to destroy Japanese companies as a spy?

47: 2015/06/24(水) 09:35:34.41
No since you are Korean return to Korea
You're a nuisance

50: 2015/06/24(水) 09:36:12.05'
Why don't they want to become naturalized even though they're in Japan?

52: 2015/06/24(水) 09:37:49.53
They might have a criminal record...

61: 2015/06/24(水) 09:41:40.71
I thought this from before but zainichis secretly become Japanese?
If you have such a national consciousness that you refuse naturalization then go by your own name

62: 2015/06/24(水) 09:42:43.03
Zainichis are also at the very bottom of society within Korea as well
They are just incomplete trash who can't become Korean and who can't become Japanese

66: 2015/06/24(水) 09:46:43.38
Hmmm but I don't want them to become naturalized though.

71: 2015/06/24(水) 09:50:17.63
It must be nice to be comfortable~
But if you sully that comfort then they will leave I bet

74: 2015/06/24(水) 09:53:23.25
Their own country should collect the assets of these leeches


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