Thursday, June 18, 2015

The Trend of Morning Musume Graduates Leading Unhappy Lives


1: 2015/06/17(水) 13:00:34.46 
Yaguchi and Kago are not sending off their remaining years very well


2: 2015/06/17(水) 13:01:09.81
Idols are just like that

2: 2015/06/17(水) 13:01:09.81
Tsuji seems pretty happy


4: 2015/06/17(水) 13:01:57.25
It's a give because they had good memories in their idol years
AKB members will follow the same path

5: 2015/06/17(水) 13:02:29.56
Yasuda "There is no reason"


6: 2015/06/17(水) 13:02:36.36
Tsuji and Fujimoto seem happy


7: 2015/06/17(水) 13:02:36.65
Tsuji and Yasuda seem happy

8: 2015/06/17(水) 13:02:42.76
The current members all seem unhappy too
It seems as if they all wanted to be in AKB

10: 2015/06/17(水) 13:03:06.52
Only Kago's level is at a totally different level


11: 2015/06/17(水) 13:03:08.85
Tsunku " "


13: 2015/06/17(水) 13:03:23.00
Heiki Michiyo "..."


15: 2015/06/17(水) 13:03:55.10
Speaking of which, if Kago and Yaguchi had lived regular lives they wouldn't have fallen to this point
It's a different pattern from AKB graduates not having a good experience

19: 2015/06/17(水) 13:04:39.08
Even thought you normally become happy when if you get married they can't become happy

27: 2015/06/17(水) 13:05:47.99
Yaguchi seems happy doesn't she


29: 2015/06/17(水) 13:06:01.80
The winning group called Nakazawa Iida Tsuji


31: 2015/06/17(水) 13:06:23.18
Seriously? Sugiura Taiyou is the worst

36: 2015/06/17(水) 13:06:53.00
She has a keyboard on her Xbox

no title

She's a total gamer

40: 2015/06/17(水) 13:09:02.16
Weren't they unhappy in the first place?

43: 2015/06/17(水) 13:09:08.82
GoMaki got pregnant

51: 2015/06/17(水) 13:10:51.57
GoMaki's mother passed away and her brother is violent...
Tsunku don't just stay quiet do something

56: 2015/06/17(水) 13:11:53.39
The only one who can raise his voice to this is Tsunku

45: 2015/06/17(水) 13:09:44.07
Looking at all of Hello Project Satoda Mai shines too brightly


112: 2015/06/17(水) 13:33:40.63
In the midst of that she will fall

55: 2015/06/17(水) 13:11:48.18
When you think of Kago-chan's circumstances there is nothing that can be done

58: 2015/06/17(水) 13:11:57.56
Even though Yaguchi was on a good road
She put it all to waste what an idiot

68: 2015/06/17(水) 13:15:57.29
And now the current center of Morning Musume

no title

no title

no title

71: 2015/06/17(水) 13:17:59.03
She's an ugly girl with no grace

74: 2015/06/17(水) 13:19:06.68
What the heck is up with this severe ugliness
That isn't the kind of face that is okay to show in front of people

76: 2015/06/17(水) 13:19:44.15
She's not really appearing in the media so she's safe

49: 2015/06/17(水) 13:10:33.82
The trend of the most unhappy one being Tsunku

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