Thursday, June 4, 2015

The Staff Uniforms for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics are Too Unfashionable


1: 2015/05/30(土) 09:19:06.456

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3: 2015/05/30(土) 09:19:58.275 
LAAAMMMME wwwwwwwww

5: 2015/05/30(土) 09:20:21.199 
I don't understand the point of the necktie

6: 2015/05/30(土) 09:20:23.101
They look like they work part time jobs selling home telephones

7: 2015/05/30(土) 09:20:37.261
The red sun is lame after all


9: 2015/05/30(土) 09:21:14.561
This is about as lame as school festival t-shirts

10: 2015/05/30(土) 09:21:19.182
This was more than I imagined

11: 2015/05/30(土) 09:21:50.941
It would have been better to not pointlessly put the red sun on the necktie and hat wwwww

13: 2015/05/30(土) 09:21:53.194
This seems like something that would be in a clothing store downtown


15: 2015/05/30(土) 09:22:05.695
This is terrible
Even though they're going to use this in 2020 they designed it in 2015. Are they just going to ignore trends in the fashion industry?

24: 2015/05/30(土) 09:26:24.516
This will be a cutting edge five years from now

17: 2015/05/30(土) 09:22:31.723'
They can't make things that are this terrible wwwwww

28: 2015/05/30(土) 09:28:56.866
Isn't it a little fast to make this? Is this just a trial product?

33: 2015/05/30(土) 09:30:07.067
This seems like something that students would make for a cultural festival or athletic festival


38: 2015/05/30(土) 09:32:34.825
Yamada Electronics wwwwwww


41: 2015/05/30(土) 09:34:45.173
Seriously this is to the level of wanting to have the designer and all people related to him murdered

44: 2015/05/30(土) 09:36:19.149
Why did they go out of their way to make this pedestrian?

58: 2015/05/30(土) 09:42:45.104
Uniqlo is better


59: 2015/05/30(土) 09:43:15.179
If they went with Japanese-style clothing foreigners would be glad
But the staff would dislike it

37: 2015/05/30(土) 09:31:54.140
This looks like an uninteresting uniform that everyone in the shopping district pooled their money together to make


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