Takimoto Miori Gets Flamed on Her Blog for Dating Fujigaya Taisuke


1: 2015/06/04(木) 00:56:35.887
Johnny wotas go crazy wwwwwww

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*Not going to translate all of these, but they are basically telling her to break up with him, that she's ugly, that she should die, that she should apologize, and that she better not do anything to hurt their precious Taipi.

4: 2015/06/04(木) 00:57:48.060
Fujigaya doesn't suit Takimoto Miori

7: 2015/06/04(木) 00:59:13.703
VIPPER is like that too but why do they attack relationships so much when they are discovered?
If it is a healthy relationship then "please be happy" would be just fine

9: 2015/06/04(木) 00:59:32.652
I'm worried about their brain matter

10: 2015/06/04(木) 00:59:42.147
Fujigaya had fans?


14: 2015/06/04(木) 01:00:54.908
I don't know either of them

15: 2015/06/04(木) 01:01:35.809
I think jobs were you continuously appear on TV are tough'

16: 2015/06/04(木) 01:01:55.744
Johnny wotas are definitely evil
They will lunge at anyone
When I was in school if you wrote anything about Johnny's on SNS you would get cut off

23: 2015/06/04(木) 01:04:57.595
Fans from before he debuted are not going insane at all.
From the beginning he often said "I want to get married" and "I want kids"
They're used to Fujigaya being abused

Eve though he's this kind of person we can't help but like him
The one who can't be placed into a mold is Fujigaya-kun.

It would be better for him to support Miori privately.
For us, Fujigaya's music= Supporting the soul.

That soul will will go from us to our children, and will be inherited from those children by our grandchildren,
And by that Fujigaya-kun's DNA will get mixed in someday
That is the fan and Jin's Eternal.

26: 2015/06/04(木) 01:05:58.259
Johnny wotas are wicked for trying to drive the girlfriend away just because the person they both like is the same

34: 2015/06/04(木) 01:08:58.344
This is too gross

38: 2015/06/04(木) 01:10:32.237
Miori-chan why are you going out with Fujigaya...


41: 2015/06/04(木) 01:11:03.878
Since my mother and older sister are Kisumai fans I know the name but I don't know the face. The only faces I know are the big nosed one and the brown haired one

48: 2015/06/04(木) 01:12:17.112
I warota'd at the search predictions for Jin Akanishi being eternal

49: 2015/06/04(木) 01:12:19.963
If you don't know Takimoto here's a picture


52: 2015/06/04(木) 01:17:48.504
Johnny's are free to have relationships in the first place

53: 2015/06/04(木) 01:19:06.488
Takimoto was a singer in the past
I feel like those guys always end up dating a Johnny
These Johnny's sure are popular in the industry

57: 2015/06/04(木) 01:30:20.323
These guys are directly making a fool of Fujigaya but they don't notice

62: 2015/06/04(木) 01:34:39.026
Better yet Fujigaya is way out of her league
What the heck is up with this ugly dude

68: 2015/06/04(木) 01:43:14.559
I don't really care but since he's any idol I think it would be better to hide it and look past it

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