Monday, June 15, 2015

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu: "Love Bans Sure are Tough"


1: 2015/06/12(金) 15:27:56.50 
Love bans sure are tough~.
It's fine isn't it because we're girls we yearn for love...

3: 2015/06/12(金) 15:32:04.16
It would be better to publicize that you're in a relationship, if you don't you're ripping of money and it's the same as fraud

5: 2015/06/12(金) 15:33:25.26
She must be friends with someone in AKB
Speaking of which Masuwaka was with Tegorin before this

8: 2015/06/12(金) 15:37:22.71
Something happened between you and Tegoshi didn't it?
They're pretty much pole sisters*
*Pole is a euphemism for penis in this sense. This is similar to the term "ana kyodai" or "hole brothers," meaning two men that have had sex with the same woman

9: 2015/06/12(金) 15:38:04.12
If she keeps saying this it will have a negative effect on the members that she's friends with

10: 2015/06/12(金) 15:38:07.81
So she's saying you shouldn't hide it
It would better to publicly say "I have a boyfriend", but they tell lies like "I'm on a love ban" so it becomes an unpleasant feeling

14: 2015/06/12(金) 15:39:53.23
So it's not that being in a relationship is bad
It's that fraudulent acts are bad, that's what we think

18: 2015/06/12(金) 15:41:22.65
Kyary is not an idol so who cares
And Yukirin after she graduates AKB I don't care what she does with Tegoshi

19: 2015/06/12(金) 15:42:30.08
But no one's really saying that it's bad to be in a relationship though

20: 2015/06/12(金) 15:42:41.69
And "idol" is that kind of business so it can't be helped

27: 2015/06/12(金) 15:46:46.90
Kyary spoke intimately with Yukirin at an awards show or something like that


28: 2015/06/12(金) 15:46:51.41
She didn't really experience any buzz at her reports of being in a relationship right?

29: 2015/06/12(金) 15:47:14.85
Because she's an idol it's obvious that her being in a relationship wouldn't be welcomed
End of story

35: 2015/06/12(金) 15:52:09.27
This chick had a secret meeting with Tegoshi right w

36: 2015/06/12(金) 15:52:45.17
During her time with Tegoshi there was no reason for Kyary to  mention anything like this w


48: 2015/06/12(金) 16:01:36.16
By the way, Kyary tweeted >>1's message in November of 2012

56: 2015/06/12(金) 16:07:12.13
Crap it was addressed to Sashihara huh


2: 2015/06/12(金) 16:03:39.56
I'm not an idol so I'm free RT @silkytakr: @pamyurin Is Kyary on a love ban?

63: 2015/06/12(金) 16:13:55.29
She thoroughly did not want to stand out


65: 2015/06/12(金) 16:16:17.02
It would be good if idols enjoy their idol illusions
Let's not make the mistake of going under the pretension of an actress or artist

69: 2015/06/12(金) 16:18:39.91
But Kyary is an idol after all
Hamasaki and Namie are behaving like "that"
She's as an idol by society the same as them


70: 2015/06/12(金) 16:20:14.25
Matsuda Seiko who Kashiwagi admires is an idol but she is in a dates w


73: 2015/06/12(金) 16:23:22.89
That's if you're a regular girl
If you want to date them please quit being an idol and do as you please


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