Friday, June 12, 2015

Kashiwagi Yuki Wota Burns Her Merchandise


1: 2015/06/11(木) 17:06:38.54 
All of the goods were disposed of to put an end to these feelings. 
Today is a day of determination. Today is a day of separation. And then it is a new day of departure. 
I won't be lost anymore. I won't be worried. 
Farewell fictitious idol. The princess that I formerly loved. 


2: 2015/06/11(木) 17:07:10.34
These guys are burning things in intervals

3: 2015/06/11(木) 17:07:38.51
You're a poet

4: 2015/06/11(木) 17:08:18.03
Laughing my ass off

6: 2015/06/11(木) 17:08:29.16
Even if you do that Kashiwagi herself won't think anything of it w
Regardless of her popularity or how well liked this she is, that doesn't mean she has to give up her life


8: 2015/06/11(木) 17:08:41.99
In regard to this ultimately it won't have any effect on Kashiwagi
I pity the wotas who just had their money taken

13: 2015/06/11(木) 17:10:02.50
His resolution is totally visible lol


14: 2015/06/11(木) 17:10:10.92
You won't just throw it away?

16: 2015/06/11(木) 17:10:32.27
The picture on the left is so cute it looks like a different person


24: 2015/06/11(木) 17:11:42.81
It doesn't really matter if you want to burn it but why do you want to show that off?

27: 2015/06/11(木) 17:12:00.78
Be thankful towards Tegoshi


33: 2015/06/11(木) 17:12:47.19
Garlic baked in foil*
*Kashiwagi is called "garlic nose" because of the shape of her nose. Burning the photos= garlic baked in foil


112: 2015/06/11(木) 17:21:43.15
Inevitable laughter wwwwwwwwww

35: 2015/06/11(木) 17:12:58.43
Firefighter "Hey you!!"

39: 2015/06/11(木) 17:13:33.50
Why do these guys want to write their own drunken compositions

42: 2015/06/11(木) 17:14:03.65
I want to see Tegoshi's wotas and Kashiwagi's wotas have a goukon

46: 2015/06/11(木) 17:14:47.09
Kakkoii. I wonder a new departure means stopping being a wota and living a regular life

61: 2015/06/11(木) 17:15:57.41
He's just going to catch a fever for another female

48: 2015/06/11(木) 17:14:49.26
Baked garlic from a yakitori place sure is delicious

52: 2015/06/11(木) 17:15:00.16
I wonder if you can do this kind of thing and call it a hobby

54: 2015/06/11(木) 17:15:10.39
Garlic princess

63: 2015/06/11(木) 17:16:49.58
You have finally become free from the brainwashing


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