Friday, June 12, 2015

Kago Ai's Husband Has a Past of Domestic Violence


1: 2015/06/11(木) 06:35:14.99 ID:???*.net
Kago Ai's husband, Kago Haruhiko who was arrested on charges of assault, has had a previous "DV habit" which has been pointed out. 

The singer Kahala Tomomi who he dated before Kago Ai had her collar broken by him. She confessed that she was pushed of the veranda of their home.

"When his feelings high strung if the other party is a woman, he will hit them with his fist. After that, to bring back the peace he will change faces and apologize while crying "I am nothing without you." He is a fairly dangerous person," says an acquaintance of the accused. 

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3: 2015/06/11(木) 06:37:26.31
It's because women like this kind of guy w
She got what she deserved

4: 2015/06/11(木) 06:40:13.23
He has a bad expression in his eyes so this is a given
These DV guys have a habit of overlooking their selfishness so they can't think of anything but violence

Violence is a childish measure

6: 2015/06/11(木) 06:40:36.42
This Ossan only aims for women with a background

43: 2015/06/11(木) 08:00:12.68
They were drawn to each other wwwwwwwww
It's not only the man's responsibility wwwwwwww
H~mm (笑)

9: 2015/06/11(木) 06:42:50.70
Kahala also doesn't know how to pick them huh


14: 2015/06/11(木) 06:49:16.99
Violence also has the habit of brainwashing so the woman was put close to a brainwashing situation I bet

19: 2015/06/11(木) 06:57:54.49
Some please protect Kago
Her family who sponges off her, well they won't abandon her like that

28: 2015/06/11(木) 07:29:03.28
Speaking of which, Kago-chan had a period where her entire body was wrapped in bandages

29: 2015/06/11(木) 07:29:43.41
While dating him she must have thought something was up at least once.
I wonder if his technique was good? You have responsibility too as the one who chose him!

32: 2015/06/11(木) 07:37:35.81
She's a codependent person 
That kind of woman wouldn't be able to help finding a serious guy like me boring

She's really sick

35: 2015/06/11(木) 07:48:32.19
Looking at Kokusho, Kago's next man would be this kind of guy huh


39: 2015/06/11(木) 07:55:04.43
Kago and Kahala w

51: 2015/06/11(木) 08:51:14.96
But. After he was violent, he was really nice teehee
The typical pattern

37: 2015/06/11(木) 07:50:05.52
She has gone through the style of plunging herself into unhappiness right w


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