Is Watanabe Naomi Dating Someone from Johnny's?


1: 2015/06/19(金) 11:21:28.30
[Paraphrased] Watanabe Naomi is popular for her chubby character and appears on variety shows doing impersonations. She is also producer for the plus sized clothing brand PUNYUS. 

"Watanabe is the "Idol of the Chubby World." She has a reasonably well put together face and appears on programs wearing sexy outfits without being concerned about her body. If it's 'those' types of guys then they can't take it."

Rumors of a new love interest have arisen for her. 

"It is Totsuka Shouta of the Johnny's unit A.B.C.z. It has been revealed that Shotsuka is a huge fan of Watanabe and he is trying to get closer to her."

Shotsuka wrote on his own Twitter account, "I really like her (Watanabe), sorry about that I guess," shocking his fans.

This is no doubt giving hope to chubby girls everywhere. 

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2: 2015/06/19(金) 11:23:22.32
Is it our Tsuka-chan?

3: 2015/06/19(金) 11:23:52.47
Tegoshi yet again huh

4: 2015/06/19(金) 11:23:54.02
I want her to loose weight once

5: 2015/06/19(金) 11:24:28.53
Is it Kurisu Tsuka-chan?


8: 2015/06/19(金) 11:26:52.97
Johnny's can't use Twitter w

10: 2015/06/19(金) 11:27:57.50
Is it that midget Tegoshi

11: 2015/06/19(金) 11:27:59.47
This chick is the kind of fattie that makes people uncomfortable


13: 2015/06/19(金) 11:31:57.90
Really, he's that kind of man

15: 2015/06/19(金) 11:33:59.51
It would be better if she lost some weight
She seems unclean

16: 2015/06/19(金) 11:35:15.93
Her makeup looks like a weird gross pig w

18: 2015/06/19(金) 11:37:15.56
If she is properly bathing and keeping her room clean then she's cool

22: 2015/06/19(金) 11:39:20.52
I like Yagihara better. I want to believe that her being in Soka Gakkai* is a lie
*Japanese religious movement


25: 2015/06/19(金) 11:42:45.75
Naomi, don't you like her as a character?
She looks like Kumamon


29: 2015/06/19(金) 11:46:04.43
I'm jealous that she has a face that looks good with makeup
She's half Taiwanese right

30: 2015/06/19(金) 11:46:24.63
Her figure is besides the point, I heard that she doesn't bathe
I thought that was the most unacceptable thing

Anyway isn't Yagihara cuter?

31: 2015/06/19(金) 11:46:33.15
Watanabe is the younger one huh

35: 2015/06/19(金) 11:49:08.81
Yeah! Totsuka-kun! 
You can say that he is a chubby chaser (^^) He has good eyes


40: 2015/06/19(金) 11:52:52.41
Before being fat the occasion of her being unsanitary is unacceptable. On top of that because she is fat that would be breaking boundaries

41: 2015/06/19(金) 11:53:14.94
It's just an urban legend that he's a chubby chaser
There is no way that he would become serious about that thing


42: 2015/06/19(金) 11:55:42.98
For some reason or the other I support this person

45: 2015/06/19(金) 12:04:46.86
It seems that this chick smokes cigarettes
Being a dirty fattie and smelling of tobacco is absolutely no good

49: 2015/06/19(金) 12:11:14.61
I like chubby girls but only this pig is a no go. 
Her face is gross and more than anything being dirty is no good.
Niche* are the better choice
*A comedy duo

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34: 2015/06/19(金) 11:49:06.38
When I thought about who it was it turned out to be Tsuka-chan w

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