Sunday, June 21, 2015

HKT48's Nako Yabuki Gets a Flurry of Criticism for Refusing to Bungee Jump on TV Show


1: 2015/06/17(水) 21:15:19.60

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676 名前:名無しさんにズームイン![] 投稿日:2015/06/17(水) 01:16:21.89 ID:nKZmlHLL [5/8] 
We don't need children who don't have a professional mindset

703 名前:名無しさんにズームイン![] 投稿日:2015/06/17(水) 01:16:36.20 ID:icajkCuH [31/36] 
Ha? Die

705 名前:名無しさんにズームイン![] 投稿日:2015/06/17(水) 01:16:36.30 ID:4S+FHaJT [1/4] 
Hurry up and jump kid

724 名前:名無しさんにズームイン![sage] 投稿日:2015/06/17(水) 01:16:44.90 ID:yIyuy6TD [8/10] 
Die! Don't call out one more time

732 名前:名無しさんにズームイン![] 投稿日:2015/06/17(水) 01:16:51.60 ID:7ywQkA6N [5/6] 
Go home already stupid kid. Don't spoil her

3: 2015/06/17(水) 21:16:11.57
The staff are pros too so push her off

4: 2015/06/17(水) 21:16:11.87

16: 2015/06/17(水) 21:20:07.63
She's cute
Good job

63: 2015/06/17(水) 21:54:46.02
I don't care about the kid but the Ossans behind her have lewd eyes and it feels gross

64: 2015/06/17(水) 21:55:39.07
There are lots of guys who would have gladly accepted this job but she disregarded those guys and accepted the job
If you hate it so much to the point of crying then don't accept the job

67: 2015/06/17(水) 21:57:13.65
I don't understand the direction television is going in

69: 2015/06/17(水) 21:58:31.71
If this happened in the west there would be a huge problem and the producer would be arrested
Japanese people's awareness of human rights is exceedingly low

73: 2015/06/17(水) 22:00:54.99
Television companies have learned nothing from Tero-Asa's* helium inhaling incident
*The station's name is Tele Asahi. The "tele" is replaced with "tero" from "terrorism"


77: 2015/06/17(水) 22:03:08.30
Yet again another incident like the helium gas incident will happen again. 
The television stations are too idiotic. The children and the parents are also idiots. 

83: 2015/06/17(水) 22:11:27.95
Why did they broadcast this. 

84: 2015/06/17(水) 22:11:51.11
The poor thing she just wanted to sing and dance

86: 2015/06/17(水) 22:19:51.99
This is just child abuse
The people watching and the people letting them do this are trash

88: 2015/06/17(水) 22:21:30.37
The set up of letting kids do bungee jumping in the first place is strange
What is so interesting about that?


112: 2015/06/17(水) 22:44:31.79
If she jumped without problem then it wouldn't be on the program

47: 2015/06/17(水) 21:44:15.16
If it were a comedian then it would be unforgiveable
If it were an idol then it would be disappointing
With children it can't be helped


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