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Chiimero, Mother of 6 Year Old Host Ryuucharo, Speaks Out

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"Antis? Truthfully, they're annoying."

Chi: Antis right, they're annoying. They wickedly make harassing phone calls to the school, they report me to the child consultation center and cause trouble to people not even involved. The most troubling one was, on Shichigosan* we did a Twicasting shoot at Studio Alice, the antis who found out the location made calls to Studio Alice putting a claim saying "There are people broadcasting this kind of thing!" I was told by the studio "We are not bothered by this, but since these kind of calls came..." and they cancelled it.

-- As a mother, what kind of child rearing method are you conscious of?

Chi: The way of greeting and taking meals, the part about home rituals. Because he always slouches and eats with his mouth open. After that, I take care greatly about his way of greeting others. I think that my home has a particularly harsh way of child rearing. Since our appearance is flashy, I want to be level headed within.

Her son, six year old Ryuucharo:


2. 匿名 2015/06/04(木) 19:47:05 [通報+2724
Is she an idiot

3. 匿名 2015/06/04(木) 19:47:23 [通報+2401
Eh? Where is she raising him strictly?

4. 匿名 2015/06/04(木) 19:47:46 [通報+1542

6. 匿名 2015/06/04(木) 19:47:57 [通報+2755
They're not antis, just people with common sense saying their opinion.

8. 匿名 2015/06/04(木) 19:48:07 [通報+2691
This hairstyle is weird. It is too big and it looks like he is wearing a wig

9. 匿名 2015/06/04(木) 19:48:07 [通報+1826
We said it's abuse

10. 匿名 2015/06/04(木) 19:48:09 [通報+2151
I think almost all of the citizens of this country are antis.

11. 匿名 2015/06/04(木) 19:48:10 [通報+1422
Her face is huge

12. 匿名 2015/06/04(木) 19:48:14 [通報+1779
In the future she'll get told she is annoying by her child
Try hard in your rebellious stage (*^^)v

14. 匿名 2015/06/04(木) 19:48:19 [通報+1388
This is a parent that can't be counted on for salvation

15. 匿名 2015/06/04(木) 19:48:23 [通報+1226
Better yet she has nothing but antis

16. 匿名 2015/06/04(木) 19:48:24 [通報+1684
I don't want to be told this by someone who is wearing a flower in their hair at that age

17. 匿名 2015/06/04(木) 19:48:24 [通報+854
The hairstyle w

18. 匿名 2015/06/04(木) 19:48:24 [通報+948
Nah this is abuse isn't it

19. 匿名 2015/06/04(木) 19:48:29 [通報+907
She's annoying, and kids don't choose the parents!

20. 匿名 2015/06/04(木) 19:48:32 [通報 +1131
Okay okay we got it.
But you don't know if you will regret this 10 years from now.

21. 匿名 2015/06/04(木) 19:48:32 [通報+979
15 years from now she will definitely regret this

22. 匿名 2015/06/04(木) 19:48:34 [通報+1160
At any rate this is embarrassing
The child is really pitiable.
Because he's not a pet

23. 匿名 2015/06/04(木) 19:48:34 [通報+1630
"They wickedly make harassing phone calls to the school, they report me to the child consultation center and cause trouble to people not even involved."

Are the people reporting to the child consultation center simply suspecting abuse?
The people that think that making a 6 year old child's hairstyle blonde in itself is "abuse," well, they exist

24. 匿名 2015/06/04(木) 19:48:40 [通報+735
His head is a helmet

25. 匿名 2015/06/04(木) 19:48:49 [通報+650
I was really shocked by this parent.

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