Thursday, May 7, 2015

Why Do Japanese People Want to Dye Their Hair Blonde?


1: 2015/05/04(月) 13:12:05.876

2: 2015/05/04(月) 13:12:37.082
To try to look cool

5: 2015/05/04(月) 13:13:07.714
There isn't a lot of brown hair and in any case blonde 

12: 2015/05/04(月) 13:14:22.393
Because they admire baldness

16: 2015/05/04(月) 13:15:34.303
Seriously when people dye their hair brown it's to hide ugliness

14: 2015/05/04(月) 13:15:09.817
Don't be jealous because you're bald

21: 2015/05/04(月) 13:16:43.878
White people dye their hair regularly
>>1 What is this guy saying

30: 2015/05/04(月) 13:22:21.113
The most amusing one's are the short guys with blonde hair and black eyebrows

37: 2015/05/04(月) 13:27:51.912
There was a boom a while back
But there weren't that many blonde haired people in the first place?
Brown hair is even decreasing

40: 2015/05/04(月) 13:31:54.460
Because they were raised watching Dragon Ball Z


43: 2015/05/04(月) 13:34:41.503
I have a friend who was forced by their parents to dye their hair brown

45: 2015/05/04(月) 13:36:28.591
I wonder if it's Rocharo?

*A six year old host (as in at a host club)

 44: 2015/05/04(月) 13:35:38.703
There are no blonde ikemen

49: 2015/05/04(月) 13:41:14.228
Does it suit them?

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6: 2015/05/04(月) 13:13:07.860
Blonde hair is just ridiculous on Japanese people
If it's hyde or someone like that then it's allowed


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