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Things that Japanese People do That are Rude from a Foreigner's Perspective


1: 2015/05/22(金) 18:40:01.70
Japanese People's Concerns That are Conversely Thought of as Rude

1. Acting like a foreigner is rude to foreigners?!

There are Japanese people who know that calling someone by their first name in other countries is common so they call foreigners by their first name even though they are in Japan. In the same way, there are Japanese people who do not add "-san" to foreigners names because there is not custom of adding "-san" overseas. So if there is a foreigner who is familiar with Japanese etiquette and culture, they may feel angry and think "[They] are not polite to me"!

2. Dealing with customers in English is becoming polite?

There are Japanese staff members who try to interact with foreigners in English when they come to a business. However, if they encounter a foreigner who is fluent in Japanese there is the fear that "English is not polite." For example, if  "Will you be dining here?" is translated to "Here?" the level of politeness will especially decrease.  

3. Even though they're trying out the Japanese language and Japanese things

When Bobby [Ologun]'s mother came to visit Japan, she decided to try chopsticks at a restaurant. She was then given a fork by the staff. Bobby's mother felt a shock because of that. They must have thought that she can't use chopsticks. 

In a similar example, there is also the scene of a foreigner who is studying Japanese who tries to read a Japanese menu but being given an English menu instead. It is a reality that there are foreigners who have bad memories because of that. 

While it is a hard situation for Japanese people to judge, other than determing "They can't use chopsticks" and "They can't use Japanese" beforehand, Bobby thinks that it is better to interact with foreigners by "letting them choose based on their own level." 

4: 2015/05/22(金) 18:41:41.35
And your crappy Japanese? Isn't that rude?

5: 2015/05/22(金) 18:42:36.54
But there are lots of people who can't even sufficiently speak Japanese...that must be harsh for people of lower intelligence...

8: 2015/05/22(金) 18:43:32.75
A lead-in of yes no is enough isn't it

9: 2015/05/22(金) 18:44:34.82
I want to say that because this is Japan speak Japanese but
If we're talking about overseas won't respond to Japanese over there


79: 2015/05/22(金) 19:45:18.70
Since Japanese people attempt to interact with [foreigners] in English that they get spoiled
If you get spoken to in English then respond in Japanese

81: 2015/05/22(金) 19:47:10.75
If you suggest that.
If you decide to go to Spain, France, or Germany then you will have to learn 3 languages w
But there is the truth that traveler in Japan get around in English at the European Union w

12: 2015/05/22(金) 18:45:18.80
Even though you flatter them with "Your Japanese is good" then what


14: 2015/05/22(金) 18:46:40.94
Okay then speak Japanese gaijins

21: 2015/05/22(金) 18:49:10.30
No matter which one you do they'll get mad

24: 2015/05/22(金) 18:50:56.61
Before this I was approached in the street and I thought I would reply in English that I generally understand but I didn't want them to think that my English was bad so I explained everything in Japanese.
If you are going to come to Japan study Japanese a bit then come.


25: 2015/05/22(金) 18:50:59.74
There are a lot of old men who speak in broken Japanese when they speak to a foreigner.
Even though the foreigner is speaking fluent Japanese.

26: 2015/05/22(金) 18:53:50.29
Because they came to Japan treat the same as Japanese people?
Add san to their name and greet them in Japanese
As long as the person on the other end doesn't say please speak English or
Give me a fork instead of chopsticks
Treat them the Japanese way
Because they came to Japan

34: 2015/05/22(金) 19:00:58.79
I've been told a lot that chopsticks are discrimination.
It's a pain, but for my share and the other party's share,
I prepare chopsticks and forks and let them choose freely.
I use a fork myself for things that are hard to grab onto.

There are people who think "How would a Japanese person feel for being praised for using a fork?" so I think it's better not to praise the use of chopsticks.


35: 2015/05/22(金) 19:01:14.09
It's fine not to use a fork isn't it

36: 2015/05/22(金) 19:01:35.64
Regardless of who the other person is I think that people do rude things are dumb
It might be rare for people in the country to see foreigners but
I serious think "give me a break" when people point at the seat next to them at a restaurant and say "Look a foreigner"

37: 2015/05/22(金) 19:01:59.89
It's rude to say "here?"
In America they only ask "for here or to go" so it's not even a serious thing w

39: 2015/05/22(金) 19:02:44.74
What a pain...
Just go home already w Because I won't go either.

40: 2015/05/22(金) 19:03:10.62
I'm going to give advice to you guys who haven't been overseas
When your order a hot dog you will be understood by just saying "hadda." Remember this.


41: 2015/05/22(金) 19:04:04.97
Gaijins who have trouble communicating are really annoying
Before you study Japanese fix your communication problems

43: 2015/05/22(金) 19:08:19.20
The majority of white people don't have an interest in Japan so it's not a problem

45: 2015/05/22(金) 19:09:38.61
But they're expressly paying a lot of money, riding a plane a coming here right?
That doesn't mean they have no interest

50: 2015/05/22(金) 19:11:53.49
On top of coming to Japan,
Speak Japanese, gaijins

59: 2015/05/22(金) 19:19:19.87
Even though when we go overseas we make an effort to speak the official language, I don't understand the meaning of foreigners trying to use English in Japan.

When in Rome do as the Romans do

88: 2015/05/22(金) 19:53:03.31
That's excessive service
I don't understand the feelings of people who work in customer service

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