Friday, May 22, 2015

Sashihara Rino Reaches Number One in AKB General Election


1: 2015/05/20(水) 21:51:32.56 
AKB General Election Midway Announcement

no title

第1位 Sashihara Rino 38,151票 HKT48 Team H
第2位 Kashiwagi Yuki 33,426票 AKB48チームB / NGT48 Concurrent Post
第3位 Watanabe Mayu 29,924票 AKB48 Team B
第4位 Matsui Jurina  26,901票 SKE48チームS/ AKB48チームK Concurrent Post
第5位 Yamamoto Sayaka 22,532票 NMB48チームN / AKB48チームK Concurrent Post
第6位 Takahashi Minami 21,900票 AKB48 Team A
第7位 Shimazaki Haruna 17,921票 AKB48 Team A
第8位 Kodama Haruka 15,722票 HKT48チームH / AKB48 チームK Concurrent Post
第9位Shibata Aya 15,667票 SKE48 Team E
第10位 Kitahara Rie 14,476票 NGT48
第11位Tani Marika 14,324票 SKE48 Team E
第12位 Miyawaki Sakura 13,169票 HKT48チームKIV / AKB48 チームA Concurrent Post 
第13位 Miyazawa Sae 12,225票 SNH48チームSII / SKE48チームS Concurrent Post
第14位 Matsumura Kaori 11,746票 SKE48 Team KII
第15位 Fuchigami Mai 11,637票 HKT48 Team KIV
第16位 Takayanagi Akane 11,382票 SKE48 Team KII

2: 2015/05/20(水) 21:53:42.36
I don't have voting rights (´・ω・`)

3: 2015/05/20(水) 21:54:11.51
Who cares anymore geez

4: 2015/05/20(水) 21:54:31.25
The sense of stability that garlic nose has is amazing

5: 2015/05/20(水) 21:54:58.66
Is Sashihara's comeback at Fukuoka dome not decided?


7: 2015/05/20(水) 21:55:51.56
The cancer of Japan

9: 2015/05/20(水) 21:56:26.62
I bought a CD secondhand and the voting ballot wasn't in it...

10: 2015/05/20(水) 21:57:33.45
Are there not any other members?

11: 2015/05/20(水) 21:57:55.84
They're still doing this?

15: 2015/05/20(水) 21:59:32.40
Isn't the one called Maeda the most popular?
After that there's cyborg Itano


16: 2015/05/20(水) 21:59:51.45
What about Oshima Yuko?


23: 2015/05/20(水) 22:02:01.87
Who is that?

19: 2015/05/20(水) 22:01:30.54
The members changed too much so I don't know any of them
Only up to Itano and Shinoda

20: 2015/05/20(水) 22:01:43.08
They're still doing this farce

22: 2015/05/20(水) 22:01:59.94
This entire ranking is odd

25: 2015/05/20(水) 22:08:48.43
Whether they're ugly or beautiful whether you love them or hate them in any case 
There are really isn't one that stands out except Shinohara

26: 2015/05/20(水) 22:09:28.78
Sashihara Rino has dark sorcery
I also was affected by that sorcery at one point and thought she was super cute
But now I have woken up from that and she looks like a regular ugly girl
But there are plenty of guys who are still under her spell

27: 2015/05/20(水) 22:10:04.70
Sashihara Kashiwagi Matsui Ju Yamamoto Takahahashi Mina all of these guys in the top are ugly w

31: 2015/05/20(水) 22:12:14.78
Speaking of which , when you look at all of the members there aren't any decent ones left
In substance, the only 2 choices are Sashihara and Kashiwagi


42: 2015/05/20(水) 22:21:17.29
There are lots of cute girls in HKT

46: 2015/05/20(水) 22:32:27.36
Up until recently I always thought Hashimoto Kanna was a member of HKT (´・_・`)

33: 2015/05/20(水) 22:15:19.61
Why is Sashihara number one?
My little sister is cuter

35: 2015/05/20(水) 22:16:40.23
Lately the Nogizaka members have been doing well so it's not worth worrying about


40: 2015/05/20(水) 22:20:31.27
What about Iriyama Anna?


47: 2015/05/20(水) 22:33:03.22
At this point Sashihara is in trouble in AKB
There is only a future with letting Sayaka or Paruru [reach number one]


45: 2015/05/20(水) 22:28:54.88
I was anticipating Mayuyu but the dug her own grave so it became useless.
I say that Yukirin will come through.


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