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"Plastic Surgery Cyborg" Vanilla Told By 5 Doctors to Stop Getting Plastic Surgery

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To Vanilla, who lamented "Beyond this, I can't become any more pretty?" the doctors said, "You are already pretty enough." Even when she was told by the doctors together, Vanilla did not seem satisfied, saying, "I don't want to end it like this."

There was even a segment at the end of the program when she was once again chided by the guests "Let's end this already." However, Vanilla showed more desire to do plastic surgery after this, saying "No, no, no, I want to do more. I haven not become a French doll yet."

↓Her face transformation up until now


2. 匿名 2015/05/02(土) 10:00:24 [通報+2344
No no it's better to stop now! She still doesn't understand even when she is stopped by doctors?

3. 匿名 2015/05/02(土) 10:00:38 [通報+1748
She's a monster
Anything more than this is a sickness...

4. 匿名 2015/05/02(土) 10:00:39 [通報+1789
This is a complete plastic surgery addiction

5. 匿名 2015/05/02(土) 10:00:52 [通報+812
She looked pretty yesterday. 
But an addiction is scary

6. 匿名 2015/05/02(土) 10:00:57 [通報+1261
I saw this!
Even though she was stopped by all of them at once, I thought she sure is someone who doesn't listen to what other people say

7. 匿名 2015/05/02(土) 10:00:57 [通報+1293
Or rather no one stopped her up until now?

9. 匿名 2015/05/02(土) 10:01:24 [通報+1175


10. 匿名 2015/05/02(土) 10:01:27 [通報+760
The way she looked before was better though
She doesn't look human

11. 匿名 2015/05/02(土) 10:01:29 [通報+1299
She must have a mental illness
Long ago she said she once bullied as a child. It's better that she reconciles that

12. 匿名 2015/05/02(土) 10:01:45 [通報+1037
She messed with her face too much and now it's getting completely paralyzed.
Even her old face could become pretty depending on the way makeup is applied

14. 匿名 2015/05/02(土) 10:02:01 [通報+1234
No matter how many times she does plastic surgery she won't become a French doll

17. 匿名 2015/05/02(土) 10:02:22 [通報+993
She says she wants to become prettier~ but I didn't think she was pretty in the first place

19. 匿名 2015/05/02(土) 10:03:05 [通報+1245
Even though she's changed this much she's not satisfied?


22. 匿名 2015/05/02(土) 10:03:42 [通報+798
If she wants to do it then why not just let her do it?
She's being stopped by doctors
And yet she still wants to do it right?
This is her own responsibility

10, 20 years from now
The one who will have regrets is Vanilla herself....

24. 匿名 2015/05/02(土) 10:03:53 [通報+1278
Instead of cosmetic surgery
I think she should get psychiatric help

25. 匿名 2015/05/02(土) 10:03:53 [通報+969
What this person needs is not a plastic surgeon but a psychiatrist.

26. 匿名 2015/05/02(土) 10:04:08 [通報+511
What if she went to Korea?
Wouldn't she be satisfied?
Shaving bone...

30. 匿名 2015/05/02(土) 10:04:25 [通報+1657
When you look at her blog, she has posted super edited photos. Her ideal is this isn't it?
With big eyes like in manga and a very pointed chin



If this existed in real life it would be too scary

32. 匿名 2015/05/02(土) 10:04:43 [通報+787
The doctors who tried to stop her, indeed must have thought that her plastic surgery face was gross

35. 匿名 2015/05/02(土) 10:04:52 [通報+442
When I first saw her I thought she was disgusting, but she was cute on this program! She should stop here!

46. 匿名 2015/05/02(土) 10:07:15 [通報]
Her face is too unnatural


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