Saturday, May 2, 2015

Nakai Masahiro Tops List of Male Celebrities Who Probably Can't Get Married


1: 2015/04/30(木) 21:58:48.63 
Rank of Male Celebrities Who Probably Can't Get Married

5. Okamura Takashi 8%
4. Ariyoshi Hiroiki 11%
3. Sakagami Shinobu 14%
2. Imada Kouji 17%
1. Nakai Masahiro

4: 2015/04/30(木) 22:01:08.31
It seems that Nakai will defy expectations
I have a feeling that he will have an electrifying announcement

6: 2015/04/30(木) 22:01:49.50
I think that will happen before he reaches his 50's

9: 2015/04/30(木) 22:02:13.72
Nakai has a lot of money

11: 2015/04/30(木) 22:02:34.77
Well, Hikawa Kiyoshi is the most secure one w


16: 2015/04/30(木) 22:05:20.18
Sakagami was once married in the past wasn't he?


17: 2015/04/30(木) 22:05:44.18
The real meaning is the men that you don't want to marry

It's a huge success to have people think that you can't be married isn't it?

20: 2015/04/30(木) 22:09:08.31
Conversely becoming rich is difficult
If you get divorced you might have it all taken away

24: 2015/04/30(木) 22:15:59.72
Nakai is good looking, so it's okay if he doesn't get married

25: 2015/04/30(木) 22:16:05.10
Huh? He has an illegitimate child doesn't he

27: 2015/04/30(木) 22:16:48.97
If Ariyoshi himself wants to get married then he could probably do it easily
But, women will be too different when he loses popularity so he will probably have distrust

31: 2015/04/30(木) 22:21:02.94
All of the women from this industry who dated Nakai all up and got married
First of all, it's probably impossible for Nakai to even live with someone


37: 2015/04/30(木) 22:28:44.87
All of them are super rich and that is not an understatement
It's not that they can't get married it's that they can still secure an easy life even without marriage


38: 2015/04/30(木) 22:31:06.59
I could care less about Nakai saying "I can't get married~"
Television is boring when they make jokes about lame things like that

32: 2015/04/30(木) 22:22:02.14
Nakai should just get married to Rola
Rola and her old man would be overjoyed w


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