Monday, May 11, 2015

Karina Starts Marriage Activities


1: 2015/05/10(日) 18:53:30.71 

"As you would expect, that "bed picture" fiasco of last year inflicted a fatal wound. In reality, the president of Karina's agency and the staff of a large production company both said the deserting statement of "Karina is already done for."

"In terms of her age, actress the possibility of her fading away as an actress without anticipating any great uprising is high. Karina herself seems aware of this, and is now focusing on marriage activities more than work."

6: 2015/05/10(日) 18:58:19.04
In dramas she entered a turning point with her roles
It would be nice is she disappeared at a good timing like this

8: 2015/05/10(日) 19:00:02.82
It's amazing that there are men that would look at "that" and still marry her

10: 2015/05/10(日) 19:05:53.19
Unbelievable that Karina-chan would retire

11: 2015/05/10(日) 19:06:33.78
There are plenty of men that could look at that raunchy photo and still want to make her their wife, right. 

14: 2015/05/10(日) 19:12:25.84
There's no chance for a woman with that kind of picture circulating around

no title

19: 2015/05/10(日) 19:23:37.42
Take it off! You have no other choice but to get naked!

21: 2015/05/10(日) 19:26:42.32
I don't understand what the problem is with that picture

23: 2015/05/10(日) 19:28:48.14
I thought she was the kind of girl that would do that kind of thing
She never had a pure image in the first place

25: 2015/05/10(日) 19:39:15.75
This chick already exposed her idiocy so she's already done for

27: 2015/05/10(日) 19:40:27.09
I guess she has a bad sense of judgement to be able to enter a bed with a man while someone she isn't that good friends with is in the room
She's a celebrity you know

32: 2015/05/10(日) 19:49:42.60
I liked her when she was younger but she suddenly deteriorated and withered, and there's "that"

33: 2015/05/10(日) 19:50:48.99
Karina was protected to a great extent
She must have been a favorite of a boss in the industry
Anyhow she was excessively guarded
And disappeared in one shot
You basically understand the meaning of that right?

48: 2015/05/10(日) 20:07:29.25
Huh, the picture that was leaked last year was a picture from 2 years ago in 2012
Holding a grudge is scary
[The person who leaked it] kept it as a trump card
The picture of Ito Hideaki receiving fellatio was also from two years ago
And it was pretty much from the same time as Karina and in Hawaii
Entertainment industries are the yakuza
It's really scary

36: 2015/05/10(日) 19:52:11.25'
She was actually totally naked in that wasn't she

43: 2015/05/10(日) 19:57:51.93
Marriage activities?
Won't she marry that Taiwanese guy?

47: 2015/05/10(日) 20:07:04.1
Are you saying she should date that guy who leaked the photo? w

49: 2015/05/10(日) 20:07:56.14
Reference image

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30: 2015/05/10(日) 19:47:37.96
The damage from that picture with her legs spread is way to huge...

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