Saturday, May 2, 2015

Former SKE48 Member Kitou Momona Appears in Adult Video

1. 匿名 2015/05/01(金) 14:38:55 -595
She graduated SKE48 in April of 2014. When asked about the reason she graduated, she said, "This is the result of thinking about what I want to do and what I will do from now on. Of course I like my job as an idol, so that's why I did it. I am sad to separate from everyone and the members, but I decided to graduate in order to do the things that I want to do.

According to the official site of Muteki, she will only appear in one title, and that is called "Princess Peach." It will be on sale June 1st.



2. 匿名 2015/05/01(金) 14:42:31 [通報+812
Huh? Dejavu?

3. 匿名 2015/05/01(金) 14:42:41 [通報+564
What a decline....

4. 匿名 2015/05/01(金) 14:42:45 [通報+804
I wonder who this is

5. 匿名 2015/05/01(金) 14:42:49 [通報+744
Ah---ah she took off her clothes

6. 匿名 2015/05/01(金) 14:42:50 [通報+1600
Eh? So what she wanted to do was AVs?
*Adult video

7. 匿名 2015/05/01(金) 14:42:57 [通報+1888
Again? How many has it been by now
AKB Group= Development facility for AV actresses

9. 匿名 2015/05/01(金) 14:43:16 [通報+1407
What a tough life. Her parents are crying.

10. 匿名 2015/05/01(金) 14:43:37 [通報+957
So she's that chubby girl who got mistaken for an old woman.

12. 匿名 2015/05/01(金) 14:43:39 [通報+734
AVs are what she wanted to do!

13. 匿名 2015/05/01(金) 14:43:40 [通報+1098
When they become porn actresses I can only think "Yet again?" and "I wonder who will be next?"

14. 匿名 2015/05/01(金) 14:43:43 [通報+501
The thing she wants to do is this huh.

18. 匿名 2015/05/01(金) 14:44:14 [通報+832
How pitiful...
When I think of how her parents feel I get sad.

20. 匿名 2015/05/01(金) 14:44:21 [通報+1174
Just one video?
In the end I wonder if she will actually stop at that.

23. 匿名 2015/05/01(金) 14:44:35 [通報+672
The thing she wanted to do= Porn actress?

Idols sure have fallen.
I liked SPEED's generation.

24. 匿名 2015/05/01(金) 14:44:43 [通報+645
If Tegoshi messes with women indiscriminately, the letters AV and NEWS will get associated with each other and they'll be stuck with that


25. 匿名 2015/05/01(金) 14:44:46 [通報+779
They say it's only for one video, but what will she do after that, I wonder.
I have a feeling that she won't finish with just one...

26. 匿名 2015/05/01(金) 14:45:07 [通報+669
I wonder if she did it with Tegoshi

29. 匿名 2015/05/01(金) 14:45:29 [通報+654
Yet again...
It would be good if they just disband AKB.
The parents of the girls under that agency are pitiful.

31. 匿名 2015/05/01(金) 14:45:34 [通報+912
Girls that would go to doing AVs in the first place just become idols for a period of time to add the value of being an idol that took off her clothes

36. 匿名 2015/05/01(金) 14:46:13 [通報+531
They should make the title Princess Bitch

38. 匿名 2015/05/01(金) 14:46:30 [通報+422
When she was in SKE it looks like she did gravure, but I was surprised that she quit SKE because she wanted to become a porn actress


39. 匿名 2015/05/01(金) 14:46:33 [通報+838
Basic girls put too much of their dreams in the entertainment industry



41. 匿名 2015/05/01(金) 14:46:50 [通報+471
That's why they're called Nikubengi* 48
*Woman used as a sex object

50. 匿名 2015/05/01(金) 14:47:53 [通報+1231
Uwa~ It was definitely an AV


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