Thursday, May 21, 2015

Death Note Live Action Drama Cast Revealed!


1: 2015/05/21(木) 19:26:18.29 
Who are they?!

L: Yamazaki Kento


Yagami Light: Kubota Masataka


Near: Yuuki Mio


no title

2: 2015/05/21(木) 19:26:48.13
So Near's going to be in it

3: 2015/05/21(木) 19:27:06.60
Looks boring

4: 2015/05/21(木) 19:27:32.63
I don't know any of them

5: 2015/05/21(木) 19:27:42.06
Seriously who are these people

6: 2015/05/21(木) 19:28:40.59
You don't now Yamazaki-kun?
He's the most anticipated young actor right now


7: 2015/05/21(木) 19:29:05.27
I don't know him at all

13: 2015/05/21(木) 19:30:18.27
This is my first time hearing his name

8: 2015/05/21(木) 19:29:11.23
Eh? Near is Yuuki Mio?


11: 2015/05/21(木) 19:29:42.98
A woman is going to play Near?

12: 2015/05/21(木) 19:30:02.78
He's the kabedon prince

14: 2015/05/21(木) 19:30:33.04
I wonder if this will beat the movie version

17: 2015/05/21(木) 19:31:39.81
Uwaa this is no good
Light looks like he sucks and he's ugly, L is a no name actor and Near is a woman

18: 2015/05/21(木) 19:31:48.98
For now I'll watch the first episode

25: 2015/05/21(木) 19:32:44.45
Kubota is a good actor 
But he's not Light


27: 2015/05/21(木) 19:32:50.23
I wonder if this will beat the stage version

29: 2015/05/21(木) 19:33:15.76
This guy will play L?

no title

35: 2015/05/21(木) 19:33:53.80
They might want this to become popular but these people are not big enough

37: 2015/05/21(木) 19:34:15.16
Lately I can't tell actors in this category apart w

39: 2015/05/21(木) 19:34:57.62
I'm glad that Yamazaki is Yagami Light

40: 2015/05/21(木) 19:35:00.23
It would have been fine with Fujiwara Tatsuya


43: 2015/05/21(木) 19:35:19.77

no title

54: 2015/05/21(木) 19:37:50.87
Is she cute?

no title

58: 2015/05/21(木) 19:38:24.00
She's cute isn't she
She's the lower version of Hirose Suzu

59: 2015/05/21(木) 19:38:37.86
If Fukushi Souta were in this it would no doubt be a hit. What the hell is this


46: 2015/05/21(木) 19:35:56.47
They might as well have made them all into bishoujos, that would have been good


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