Monday, May 18, 2015

Bae Yong Joon to Get Married


1: 2015/05/14(木) 21:17:02.20 
It was reported that Bae Young Joon (42) and Park Soo Jin (29) are currently in a relationship with intentions of marriage. 


4: 2015/05/14(木) 21:18:16.45
*This is a pun. In Japanese, Yong is pronounced "Yon," the same as the number 4. 

68: 2015/05/14(木) 21:44:29.42
Congratulations on your prize for the perfect [pun]

5: 2015/05/14(木) 21:18:16.89
She's aiming for money isn't she


6: 2015/05/14(木) 21:18:46.85
She must like money

11: 2015/05/14(木) 21:21:46.14
Bae Yong Joon had amazing popularity at one point

13: 2015/05/14(木) 21:24:11.38
With this chance for marriage, it's okay not to return to Japan

14: 2015/05/14(木) 21:25:14.24
He looked at the woman's childhood pictures and made the decision I bet
For a Korean she's hasn't really changed

19: 2015/05/14(木) 21:28:26.27
Even though he's gross why do people go kyaa kyaa over him?
He's just tall. Other than that he's just gross. 

20: 2015/05/14(木) 21:28:27.63
The children they have will be a sight to see wwwwww

23: 2015/05/14(木) 21:29:06.91
Korean people all have the same face so I can't tell them apart

27: 2015/05/14(木) 21:30:53.84
First time hearing his name in a while

29: 2015/05/14(木) 21:31:11.73
This guy has dated people so many times with the intention of marriage that he must be going crazy.

30: 2015/05/14(木) 21:31:22.46
He was forgotten about completely

31: 2015/05/14(木) 21:31:40.32
His wife has a plastic surgery clone face


33: 2015/05/14(木) 21:31:50.65
Yong-sama immediately donated a lot of money to the east Japan earthquake disaster funds

35: 2015/05/14(木) 21:32:37.48
You have to remember that he donated to the earthquake disaster

39: 2015/05/14(木) 21:33:55.00
Didn't he get married already? Before this he was going to marry a woman from somewhere

42: 2015/05/14(木) 21:34:19.49
He's the same age as me. Bae. 
I'm going to get married this year too. 

48: 2015/05/14(木) 21:37:09.72
Yong-sama, I wonder if you thought that anyone would be fine. 
You must have been shocked by the catastrophe. 
I can only think that he would be unhappy marrying a fellow Korean person. 

50: 2015/05/14(木) 21:38:08.77
Huh, this is rare

no title

no title

53: 2015/05/14(木) 21:39:25.32
Apart from the makeup she almost hasn't changed at all

56: 2015/05/14(木) 21:39:46.94
Oooh she hasn't really changed

57: 2015/05/14(木) 21:41:00.47
I knew that Yong-sama hated fake things
That is pretty rare for a Korean celebrity
They reveal children's faces too 

67: 2015/05/14(木) 21:44:23.86
She was like Imai Tsubasa when she was a kid


51: 2015/05/14(木) 21:38:32.41
When I search Park Soo Jin she was pretty cute
It is okay for her to marry this old guy?

18: 2015/05/14(木) 21:28:13.61
Yong-sama was the only real Hallyu star
All the ones after him are just Koreans working away from home


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