Sunday, May 31, 2015

Ando Miki Releases Picture with Boyfriend Javier Fernandez


1: 2015/05/27(水) 12:47:56.23

no title

6: 2015/05/27(水) 12:52:28.66
Seems annoying w

14: 2015/05/27(水) 12:57:25.41
Even her hands are ugly

15: 2015/05/27(水) 12:57:26.82
There is no demand for her

17: 2015/05/27(水) 12:58:43.46
We get that she is uploading this picture intentionally so that no women will get close to Hernandez.

25: 2015/05/27(水) 13:07:03.42
That's true w I can only think of it as the diversion of "we're getting along right?" www


19: 2015/05/27(水) 12:59:50.59
Her hands and arms are getting huge, maybe it's a problem with the angle?

20: 2015/05/27(水) 13:01:11.78
I felt relieved that their faces aren't in the picture

22: 2015/05/27(水) 13:04:23.24
Her hands are like an old woman's

23: 2015/05/27(水) 13:05:36.38
She seems like the type that is dependent men

She's high if it's going well with a man.
If it's not going well she gets depressed.

With that mentality I feel sorry for her daugher.
Become stronger

28: 2015/05/27(水) 13:08:37.83
Aren't all humans like that?

29: 2015/05/27(水) 13:09:12.20
The man has become tamed


30: 2015/05/27(水) 13:09:36.07
Yaguchi! Ando! Nakagawa!

Humans without talent♪

32: 2015/05/27(水) 13:09:59.66
Doesn't look like a woman's hands

34: 2015/05/27(水) 13:12:26.22
What the heck is our international champion doing

36: 2015/05/27(水) 13:12:50.46
Meh who cares

39: 2015/05/27(水) 13:21:12.37
It's impossible to have a long distance relationship with a Latin man
It's pretty much recognized that he can play all he wants and screw all he wants

40: 2015/05/27(水) 13:21:59.
She doesn't seem to understand that her luck with men will become bad by doing these type of things to prevent women from getting close to her man


41: 2015/05/27(水) 13:23:18.24
I'm relieved that I don't see her much on television anymore I can watch the programs now

48: 2015/05/27(水) 13:33:09.98
Asada Mai gets criticized for various things but she in terms of variety shows she says interesting statements, she can read the atmosphere and is easy to use
Ando is too much of a weird person and is hard to to use


52: 2015/05/27(水) 13:40:40.59
Fernandez-san seems miserable

11: 2015/05/27(水) 12:55:34.24
These two should get married before the kid gets big

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